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    Snorkeling the Gnar Pow: Skiing 2021-22 Thread

    The lift-accessed backcountry at Jackson Hole is phenomenal. And if you're there you can do the Glory bootpack at the top of the pass without a splitboard setup. One word of caution - I (and a lot of other people) tend to avoid the term side-country. It is still uncontrolled terrain and just...
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    The Nepo Shuffle -- The 2021 World Chess Championship

    The last WC match was a disrespectful slap of Nepo. It's not like Magnus is denying someone new the chance to beat him for the title. Seems unsaid that a different format might have also encouraged Magnus to defend but it's his title to do what he wants with imo.
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    Snorkeling the Gnar Pow: Skiing 2021-22 Thread

    Jeff covered everything pretty well but for another recommendation - I love my Osprey Kamber 32 (The current model is 30L but looks to be about the same). Some of the fun stuff on the resort here requires you to carry avy gear so I have it on every day I ride. Thin enough (for me at least) that...
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    Snorkeling the Gnar Pow: Skiing 2021-22 Thread

    For what it's worth: COVID's everywhere throughout town now so your biggest risk by then is probably going to be from other visitors. Been loving everyone chasing the snow in California, mountain's been relatively quiet and there's still enough snow to have fun.
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    Snorkeling the Gnar Pow: Skiing 2021-22 Thread

    Glad you found a spot, I know the area and mountain fairly well, happy to help if there's any other questions you have.
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    Skiing 19-20

    Looks like April 12 is Jackson's closing day. I'd consider staying in Teton Village if you're not going to be there too long or skiing is your priority. I'd rather drive or ride the bus (which works pretty well) into Jackson in the afternoon/evening without ski gear than deal with getting into...
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    I wasn't trying to turn this into Where's Tom?! I just got a kick out of the fact that what he (PK) wrote is roughly the equivalent of describing a view of central park, then saying "I won't name the city."
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    This line stood out to me because the Yellowstone Club is a fairly exclusive gated community with its own ski mountain. You've got to own or be with an owner to ski there. So either Brady's worried about Justin Timberlake and Matt Damon poaching his lines, or it was a joke that went right over...
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    Tony Dungy: We Stole Signals, Everyone Steals Signals

    This is also where we get Goodell expanding his power. He can't change the rules of the game in a memo and the rules (per Dr. Gonzo) clearly stated it only mattered if you used it during the game. The memo misquoted the rule. I don't think you'll find anyone who won't say that BB should have, at...
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    Chandler Jones traded for G Jonathan Cooper & Arizona's 2016 Rd. 2 pick

    Don't want to bring everything back to PSI but I'm pretty sure because of how the penalty was worded the Pats can't do better than their own (obviously late) first rounder this year. Does anyone know if the synthetic incident put Jones on the more rigorous testing regimen?
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    MLB to offer single-team packages in 2016

    I did specifically use Paypal in case there was still some check on billing address. I'm not sure when they started accepting Paypal but I do know that a few years back my boss had to have someone else buy it for him because of that check. I've had it the last 2 years and streamed from my phone...
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    MLB to offer single-team packages in 2016

    I live in Wyoming currently but my bank + billing address is still in Vermont. I just use Paypal and have had no issues. Well, Rockies games are blacked out.
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    SportsCenter & OTL Bringing Back Spygate (live, 9AM)

      One of the reasons that I've given Belichick a lot of deference on this is because the memo misquoted the rule at the time. The actual rule was "No video recording devices of any kind are permitted to be in use in the coaches’ booth, on the field, or in the locker room during the game.” Coming...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      How many board members do you think it takes to get to a ton? I think 10 is a conservative estimate.   I'll take the votes of 10 people who have actually followed the facts and debate over any number of people who basically clicked the "I hate the Patriots" button. But feel free to put your...
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    Hasn't it been well established that PK loves to do exactly as he's told?