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    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    He took a job in the Padres front office after he retired, so that may explain his cap. And Kelly helping us win the WS was just gravy as far as that trade goes. I never liked rooting for Lackey, and I still root for Joe to this day.
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    6/29 Blame Canada ...

    I started watching clips from The Newsroom and missed the top of the first. Great speech, great series, by Jeff Daniels, Hard to believe he is the Dumb and Dumber guy. What range! Like Trevor Story! Who isn't playing...
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    The off-season

    Leaving aside the unknowable question of whether we would get good Clay or bad Clay (or both) if the Sox exercise their option, it should be clear, if history has taught us anything, that you're going to need more than 5 starting pitchers to make it through 162 games. It's not unusual to have...
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    The Bullpen Thread

    And if I might venture beyond the 1 liner, Henry strikes me as a long man or, at best, a start-a-clean-inning middle reliever. I wouldn't want him pitching with any of my inherited runners on base. The problem with not having fastball command isn't just that he walks lots of guys; it's that...
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    The Bullpen Thread

    This is the guy to make that case: Jeff Gilooly was last seen selling used cars. I think he might be available.
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    Which type of plate discipline is eating Panda?

    Ok, so I'm a just read/never post kind of SOSHer. But on special occasions... I'm sure a lot has been attempted, by both the Giants and Red Sox, to try and get Panda to lose weight and perform up to his huge (pun intended) potential. And you COULD be right that the (crack) Red Sox medical staff...