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    7/28 at home, against the MFY

    This outfield.
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    20190719 - @BAL

    Man, I miss Youk.
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    20190719 - @BAL

    What word starts with y and ends with k?
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    20190719 - @BAL

    Were the MLB only able to implement the 20 second pitch-count already in place in college and the minor leagues.
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    20190719 - @BAL

    His current payout is commensurate with all-hit no field, although it’s always possible another team will overpay.
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    20190719 - @BAL

    Good luck with the opt-out if that’s your contribution to the field.
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    6/5 @ KC

    Devers kickass hitting!
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    6/5 @ KC

    Devers kickass defense!
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    5/25 - Game On

    This ump sucks.
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    May 14 Colorado at Fenway Part 1 "Sale Day"

    26 strikouts in a game of any length is the record.
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    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread - Divisional Round

    He’s like Wilford Brimley in the “diabeetus” commercial.
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    Better anthem choices than James Taylor

    Jimi Hendrix
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Got to hand it to them. By that logic all of the Sox wins are fake, as every other team in baseball sucks worse than they do. They’ve negated the entire season.