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    Who will be the next manager?

    Kapler's managing the Giants - he replaced Bochy.
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    Deadspin is Burning

    Looks like it's down - I can't get the site to load on my phone or desktop.
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    Following Former Red Sox 2019

    Now that is a deep cut...
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    Non-Streaming Alternatives to iTunes/iPod

    I bought a Fiio X5 (3rd generation) a couple of years ago and love it. The memory is expandable to at least 256GB. It has bluetooth, but I never use it. The sound is incredible - far beyond my old iPod classic. That said, the interface and the controls are goofy as hell. Everything just...
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    2018 Players' Weekend Nicknames

    Troy O'Leary: YUMMY
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    MLB Trade Deadline News & Rumors

    Brach to Braves for an international signing slot, as per the MLB Network ticker. Edit: linkage
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    The 12th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Justin Verlander
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    Fire Cora! Cora! Cora!

    Let's test his threshold of pain - let's see how long he lasts.
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    The 11th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Bronson Arroyo
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    Looking for hifi audio help... plunge into vinyl

    I like direct over belt due to the accuracy of RPMs as well as the fact that I don't have to worry about it wearing out as quickly, at least, as a belt. A lot of people prefer belts due to the fact that they're quieter, but I've never noticed my DD causing any vibrations, distortion, etc. My...
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    Looking for hifi audio help... plunge into vinyl

    I'd hang on to your receiver for the time being - the photo preamp is a plus and even though the '90s don't seem that long ago, stuff was made a lot more solid back then. I'm not a fan of the Pro-Ject TT. A couple of friends have them and they don't have auto-return (so you have to get up and...
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    Hall of Fame Ballot for 2016 Enshrinement

    Griffey named on all but 3 ballots.
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    October 27, 2004: Where were you/Best Memory?

    I watched the last 2 games of the ALCS and the first 3 games of the WS alone in my apartment so I could have an ongoing nervous breakdown in peace.  I worked fairly close to the Riv, and had spent the better part of the last 3 seasons there, so when a fellow regular offered to sneak me in...
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    What year is your favorite Red Sox season?

    2004, of course, even though I can't really separate '03 and '04 in the sense that it was a constant psychodrama from Opening Day '03 straight through to 10/27/04.  Even that offseason was more exciting than most regular seasons I can remember.   Regardless, that was the pinnacle and thank God...
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    Who are you rooting for in October?

    Mets all the way.  Howie Rose and Josh Lewin call a very entertaining game, so the Mets have been my go-to on the radio the last few years.  They're a fun team to root for and watching them take off after the Flores episode and the acquisition of Cespedes has made for a really exciting month of...