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    SoSH 2021 NL MVP

    Not saying I would vote for him but Trea Turner let the league in batting average, hits, total base AND stolen bases... he at least deserves to be in the dang poll!
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    Julian Edelman released & retires

    Dustin Fox who played 12 games for Buffalo/Philly in 2006-08 was the last one (besides Edelman) as far as I'm aware
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    Joe McDonald: Duran coming up

    Lets hope he becomes a Le Bonafide force in the Sox lineup!
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    Sox and Yanks vs. the World

    If we're picking teams solely on peak seasons, would Rico Petrocelli become the starting SS on the YankSox? His 10.0 WAR in 1969 is higher than any season in Jeter/Nomar's career. Even if you want to throw Arod's pre-Yankee seasons into consideration at SS, his best season (2000) was virtually...
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    Adam Vinatieri Announces Retirement

    I think the graphic was supposed to say he missed 4 of his last 5 from outside of 45 yards or something. Vinatieri was 7 for 7 on FGs in the last three games of the regular season that year and made his only attempt against the Raiders before the 46 yarder.. EDIT - It was 4 misses out of 5 from 40+
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    Angels to release Albert Pujols

    I think he's talking specifically about the 8 year extension that the Tigers gave him which covers the 2016-23 seasons. He put up 5.1 WAR in the first year of the extension but since then he's been 1.3 wins BELOW replacement.
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    Psssssssst 2021

    The batter can still be refused first base if he doesn't try to avoid being hit, regardless of whether the ball or the batter is in the strike zone This is the MLB rulebook wording: 6.08 The batter becomes a runner and is entitled to first base without liability to be put out (provided he...
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    Would tanking in 2020 been a better option for QB draft position?

    What are the odds that the QBs at the top of the draft aside from Lawrence even pan out? It seems like every year there's a bunch of QBs picked in the first round and most of them either turn out mediocre or flame out completely.
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    Thank you, Petey: Dustin Pedroia announces his retirement

    Harold Baines was worse, surely? 38.7 WAR in 11092 PA vs 36.5 in 8379 for Maz.
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    NFL: Stafford to Rams for Two 1st Rd. Picks, One 3rd Rd. Pick, and QB Goff

    Even if this statement was something that could actually be measured and verified rather than baseless speculation, it still means nothing in terms of the Rams prospects going forward and doesn't weigh the fact that Stafford is quickly approaching an age where most QBs begin to drop off a cliff...
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    NFL: Stafford to Rams for Two 1st Rd. Picks, One 3rd Rd. Pick, and QB Goff

    Seems like a lot to give up for a 33 year old QB with 0 career playoff wins
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    2021 BBHoF Ballot

    I hope Schilling gets voted in by the special committee the year after he dies, and whoever speaks on his behalf is less full of hatred and inflammatory rhetoric than he.
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    20 best home runs in Red Sox history

    Hooper's decisive home run in the 1915 world series wasn't a walk-off, it was in the top of the ninth.
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    2021 BBHoF Ballot

    If somebody refuses to vote for Schilling because of the character clause then it would be hypocritical of them not to leave Clemens off their ballot as well, due to his likely sexual relationship with a 15 year old.
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    2021 BBHoF Ballot

    I thought the stories about Cobb being a hardcore racist were made up by his autobiographer and in reality he supported integration and funded the creation of a hospital system that mostly benefitted underserved minority communities? EDIT: This article goes into a lot of detail about Cobb's...