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    2020 Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    It's somehow comforting to know he's not immune to presbyopia.
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    Is my storage hard drive dying?

    It's pretty much been covered, but I want to emphasize that your drive is almost certainly failing. Omar is right, it's best to fully disconnect a failing drive until you are ready to try to pull the data; any needless wear and tear should be avoided because it's only going to get worse. Given...
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    Does this work with Amazon Smile? I replaced www with smile in Nip's link and it looks like it works, but I have nothing to order at the moment.
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    Ghosting a SSD?

    This software should do what you need. I've never used it, but it should do the job. Alternatively, you could always re-clone the old drive to the new one with Clonezilla...
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    The Future of Football: NYTimes Links Big Tobacco with NFL Concussion Study

    Interesting thread.  While reading through and thinking about the risk of injury or death in sport, my mind drifted to the Isle of Man time trial course.  People die nearly every year on that course.  In the last 70 years, about 240 people (participants, spectators, officials, etc.) have died...
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    Old pictures of Pedro

    Thanks for sharing these.  Pedro is my favorite player of all time and it's not even close.  It's cool to see some photos that had been lost to time, so to speak.     Incidentally, for anyone curious, here's a link to the stats for the 1991 Bakersfield team:  ...
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    build your own desktop

    Getting an overkill PSU isn't really a bad thing, especially with the high efficiency PSUs nowadays that can deliver 80+% efficiency even when operating at small fractions of their potential. However, to give a little perspective on wattage and what's necessary for anyone that's curious, I have...
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    Watching Movies: Hard Drive to TV over WiFi

    You can hack, and I use that term fairly loosely in this instance, the ATV 1 and turn it into a pretty damn nice XBMC box. First step is to open the ATV 1, pull the wireless card, and replace it with this decoder card. If you do this you'll need a wired connection (or a wireless-ethernet...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    I can understand the "give him one base-runner" mentality with a starter deep in the game and/or at a high pitch count, but I didn't understand it tonight with Doubront. Doubront was dealing and one base-hit doesn't change that. Plus, with the lefty Carpenter coming up and Doubront quite skilled...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    It seems like he was unusually worried about contact, so he threw a preponderance of off-speed pitches and primarily out of zone. Just from memory in the 2nd inning (pitchfx doesn't have anything up yet), Avila got 1 fastball and only 2 pitches in the zone en route to a walk and Jackson got 1...
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    I have a first gen. model that I got for free. So I opened it up, pulled the wifi card, replaced it with a video decoder card, then used the excellent Crystalbuntu to get Ubuntu on it and running XBMC. It makes for a pretty nice networked (wired, obviously) media player. It handles 1080p...
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    Koji Uehara: one of the 20 best relief seasons ever?

      A happy relief. *nods* Starting.....NOW.
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    Koji Uehara: one of the 20 best relief seasons ever?

    This made me think back to an article and subsequent follow up on Baseball Prospectus from, shit, almost 10 years ago. More pitchers have had hidden perfect games since, but it's still a remarkably rare achievement, especially since removing the 9 inning complete game constraint opens up so many...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    A fair point. If this was indeed a bargain Farrell struck in order to balance how he wanted to manage the game situation with managing Peavy, that's not unreasonable in this case.
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    Is a dink hit on a good pitch really a sign of trouble, though? If Farrell is going to send the starter back out only to pull him after just two pitches and a lucky hit, what was the point? I'd rather him just go to the bullpen to start the inning fresh in that case.