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    Help me choose a new Pats jersey?

    Picking a current player jersey has always been tough. Back in the day I had a Bruschi for a little while, and then settled on Troy Brown. My family got me gift jerseys a couple times... Butler after 49, and White after 51, and I wore them occasionally. I also really liked the "color rush"...
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    Adam Vinatieri Announces Retirement

    Same here. It's hanging below the chunk of Foxboro stadium aluminum bench I got after they tore the old place down (seat "6" from some rom up in the upper deck). And tucked into the corner of the photo are the tickets that my at-the-time-future wife and I used to attend that game.
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    2021 NFL Schedule Release

    I've felt the same way. I think I'd prioritize closer to the 50 yard line before moving down too far for sure. The proximity to the Cross Field house for my current seats in 140 is a nice restroom option too. Honestly, I sign up for the seat upgrade option every year to see what comes...
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    2021 NFL Schedule Release

    I spent 10 years near the bottom of 317. Sightlines are pretty damn good from everywhere in the stands, so we had plenty of fun up there. about ten years ago I got my first option to move up, and ended up in the 200 sections for a season. Moving closer to the field was nice, but as I get older...
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    2021 NFL Schedule Release

    Seats 2 rows in front of me in 140 are going for $1858 + fees each for the Bucs game. Same seats for the NO game, $497 each. For the Bills game, the day after Christmas, $497. My wife thinks I should sell mine to finance all the games for the rest of the year. *I* think I want to be out of...
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    2021 NFL Schedule Release

    I meet a buddy at the Walmart in Bellingham (he's coming up from southern CT), and then we carpool the rest of the way in. I can wait the 25-30 minutes until I've unfolded the 2 camp chairs behind the van in Lot 40 (P11) to start swilling it down. My hope is that the home opener being a 4:25...
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    2021 NFL Schedule Release

    As someone who drives down to Gillette from NH for home games, I concur. Being able to drive home in some semblance of daylight is nice when possible. Of course, we're usually pulling into the lots just as they open the gates, so that means I'm drinking at 9am on game-days.
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    Pats Roster Planning: Offense

    Hell, I'd be happy to see him back just to see him during warmups tossing the ball to people (mostly kids) sitting out in the stands and having them throw it back to him.
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    Thank you, Julian Edelman

    I think I'm with you here. They're definitely not the same player, but they definitely put it all out there, and were generally great fun to watch. My Brown/80 jersey had been my go-to on gameday for years, but I DID buy an Edelmen jersey back in 2017 that I alternate with it now.
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    The Red Sox will be wearing yellow and blue uniforms on Patriots' Day weekend

    I originally thought they were going with the colors of the "official" jackets, etc from 2013, as that year inspired a LOT of Boston Strong merch tied to that years marathon colors. But yeah, that color blue is still very wrong. Edit: Hmmm.. maybe they were going with the LAST marathon's...
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    Celebrating What Is

    Ryan Mallett. Now there's a name I've not heard in a long, long time.
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    Same here... followed immediately by me yelling "No flags, no flags!!!" at the screen like a lunatic.
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    Clicking a link to an existing thread shows as not logged in

    Yup, that seems to be the difference. The two links in the first post drive me to a login page, but this one works fine.