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    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    Let's face it! It's all over money. The damn freaking ownership with over one billion dollars are playing the Old Scrooge game! The evil empire doesn't have a problem with the luxury tax! I've been following the Red Sox since 1975 and this by far is the dumbest idiotic move imaginable. They...
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    Alex Cora fired

    I truly really liked Cora as Manager. close second maybe even tied with Tito. Hate to see him go and I suppose it's needed. Replacement? I'd seriously consider Varitek or Lowell. But probably won't happen.
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    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    While I haven't seen much of him, I think his physical demeanor on the mound (facial and body language) speaks of an aggressive I can do it attitude. But I agree with other posters that it's hard to determine. If not Brasier, my second option is Workman based on ERA.
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    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    Thanks for your input. I believe in Cora and if it's his decision to go by match-ups (i.e. the case with Barnes the other night) so be it. I still like the traditional closer role. I like Brasier because I think he has the mental make-up as a closer.
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    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    I think in my humble opinion, the Red Sox are wrong in their bullpen usage. I still believe in this team and am convinced they will at least win the wild card BUT this closer by committee isn't working. Or so it seems to me that the Sox do not have a definitive closer. I say go with one man...
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    Michael Chavis, SS: 2014 MLB Draft 26th overall

    Such a sweet swing with Chavis. In a small way reminds me of Yaz or maybe Teddy Ballgame.
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    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    I look at the lost column. the Sox are 9 games out of first. I'm a glass half full and I believe that its doable to win at the least a wild card. Will they win the division? Hard to say with Yanks power and the Rays pitching but I believe in this team. I've been a fan since 1975 and I've...
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    Starting Pitching 2019

    This season reminds me of 2005 with the Sox coming off their first WS title in 86 years. They never seemed to co-ordinate offense, defense and pitching. When offense is hot (last night) pitching sucks and vice versa. Let's hope they turn it around. They are 8 games in lost column out of...
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    Starting Pitching 2019

    Heard from reliable source (related to Dan Haren, Special Pitching Coach for Diamondbacks) that Yes Bumgarner is on the Sox wish list. With an ERA+ 121, FIP of 3.27, Whip of 1.112 and K's to BB 4.17 its worth having but Sox would have to give up too much. My opinion. Not happening and also the...
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    Rosenthal: Nathan Eovaldi in agreement with Red Sox

    I've been saying since the WS win to go back-to-back. With Eovaldi signing I think the chances increased exponentially. The dude can flat out pitch. I'm sure they went over physicals with a fine tooth comb re: the TJ's. Great age, can handle Boston pressure, fits into what I consider the...
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    How much will Pedroia contribute in 2019?

    My apologies if this has been reported elsewhere but I'm in NY and I heard on a Yankees broadcast a few days ago that the Mariners want to move Cano AND willing to add Edwin Diaz. He's a stud 24 yo closer last year ERA of 1.96, war of 3.2 FIP of 3.13. Logical to consider?
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    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    , member: 30177"]!THanks!! I checked on main board but did not see any news re: Pearce. Great news.
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    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    FWIW, Id make signing Eovaldi as my No. 1 priority. Good age, great postseason and I believe the 2 TJ's are well behind him. Also can handle the pressure of playing in Boston. This would make an awesome rotation: Sale, Price, Eovaldi, Porcello, and Rodriquez. Next resign at 1b, Pearce...
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    Mookie Betts: Your 2018 American League MVP

    Congratulations Mookie! I pray that he ends his career as a Red Sox!!
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    OK other then 2004 what was the sweetest pennant?

    1975, hands down!!! For several reasons. Up to that point I was an Oriole fan (Palmer, McNally, Dobson and Cuellar) and then really not knowing the Red Sox that much only briefly in '67, I fell in love with that team and I've been a "faithful" fan ever since. Yaz, Fisk, Jim Rice, Dewey Evans...