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    2021 Ryder Cup- Whistling Straits

    Every time we hear the name “Seve” tomorrow - take a drink.
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    Week 2 NFL Game Thread

    I’m cheering for the fucking Ravens. What is wrong with me?
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    CFB 2021 Week 3

    Go Deacs! Good half that could have been more.
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    Week 2 NFL Game Thread

    They were always my “second team”. Mom was from Delaware and liked them. Growing up in North Carolina in the 80s they were THE team there - tons of WFT fans there still (including Dale Jr). I even went to a couple of their summer camps. But thankfully, I always kept the Pats #1. And it was hard...
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    Week 2 NFL Game Thread

    Heinekens 4.0 on the house!
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    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    Fuck me. That’s insane.
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    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    What the hell.
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    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    This is just bonkers.
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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    I am very late to this post because Mrs Shore and I were half-watching on my phone at a pub, but she said after some fouls on Pulisic: “why don’t the other players defend him? Is he Jamie Tart?” “Uhhh - sort of” I replied.
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    Recommend Football, especially Patriots Books

    In the "community impact" of football genre, Friday Night Lights and this one: View:
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    Tennis 2021

    Yeah - those last couple games were hard to watch. a little bit of a fight back now.
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    August Game Thread

    Nice to see the Marlins Man at this game.
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    2021-2022 EFL Championship: 2nd tier but NOT 2nd rate

    I was away from my computer a few days, but I now get to confess my Millwall fandom of 25+ years. In 1995, I was living in SE London as a student during their FA Cup run and victories over Arsenal and Chelsea, and started following them then - admittedly before I knew anything about their...