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    Microsoft Update isn't Working for me Anymore

    After I run the patch whether I remember to put auto update back on or not I always do manual updates and am then able to hide ones I don't want. Then I select install manually. This is even when updates are set to auto which is pushed out with company group policy. Is there a specific update...
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    Microsoft Update isn't Working for me Anymore

    Sorry I didn't remember the KB numbers. And the instructions aren't as clear cut as the Microsoft link (imo). Microsoft link is more focused on slow update speeds.
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    Microsoft Update isn't Working for me Anymore

    No that is not necessary in my experience. It's just setting that back to Microsofts default and they wrote the instructions. You can manually force the update process. Which will achieve the same thing the auto update does. So once the patch is applied click on the text that says search for...
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    Microsoft Update isn't Working for me Anymore

    Try this fix At work we would leave computers updating over night. Then that stopped working and updates would clock forever. This patched works for us and is very simple. Good luck.
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    Spyware 201

    SUPERAntiSpyware has a free version.  We use it at work. Since we're a non-profit organization we rely on free apps and this one is pretty good.
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    Nova Scotia Needs Your Support

    Voted a bunch of times. Will do more later.   Good luck.
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    Laptops - Not 1 but 2

    At work we're having to scrap all the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E430s.  All the screws fall out of the bottom and the keyboards then fall out.  It was like Lenovo used screws that were too short.  We couldn't put the screws back in. Fortunately we had only a few Lenovos and the majority of laptops...