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    3/19 vs. Kings

    I'm moving to the Northwest in two months and I'm thinking, "Well, at least I'll save on the League Pass."
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    3/19 vs. Kings

    Holeee shit does this suck.
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    3/17 - Celtics at Cavs

    Robert Williams is the only reason to watch this game.
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    3/17 - Celtics at Cavs

    Please... The era's over.
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    3/17 - Celtics at Cavs

    Can we get down by 25 before the half?
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    3/17 - Celtics at Cavs

    Does Jaylen Brown have to step out of bounds at least once a game?
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    March 2 vs Clippers

    Nice to see a team move the ball so well. Too bad it isn't us.
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    February 26th vs Pacers

    So they were down 12-0, then.
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    2/25 - Bruins at Isles

    We are owned.
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    12/30- Grizzles @ Celtics

    Jaylen Brown wondering, "What's the record in this joint?"
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    RIP Tommy Heinsohn

    Jeez. Cousy sounds great! For all everyone says about Tommy being a homer, he was great on the national broadcasts as well. It was so much fun to be able to hear him doing games from the 80's during the COVID break. He was always able to give you such a unique perspective. "Boy does it hurt...
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    2020 Golf Thread

    Joe Leigh's always brings a shit-ton of used clubs to the Boston Expo. That and the recycled balls booths are the best reasons to go to the show money-wise.
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    Bruins v. Jets

    How many times do they have to give one up with less than 10 seconds in the period?
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    Game 2 - Bruins v. Blues

    Such a pleasure to be watching this on CSN. So even-handed.