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    Tracking the rookie QBs

    Cam Newton, 2011, maybe?
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    17 Years Ago Today....

    I'll never get sick of re-living these memories. I had a bleary-eyed, just woken up three year old on my lap, and another kid nascently in-utero with my wife (we didn't know it at the time), to watch the final out. Of course, these kids got to see three more of these moments before either...
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    Jets: Ride Saleh Ride

    Per Shefty, the Jets are trading for…Joe Flacco.
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    Sox-related Intergenerational Trauma

    You did it again, Rip. Just awesome.
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    2021 Golf Thread

    Nicely done, CP
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    2021 Golf Thread

    Nice round. Does the science support outdoor golf rakes as a legit COVID transmission source?
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    10/15 - ALCS vs Houston. Game 1.

    Let’s get em tomorrow. Just need to get 1 in Houston.
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    10/10 - ALDS vs Tampa. Game 3.

    I checked on SH and Seat Geek right after the WC win, and was surprised at the relative reasonableness of the prices. And surprised to see some seats available on the MLB/Sox site. Being the ALDS helps, as prices will rise accordingly in an ALCS or WS. But there were lots of good seats...
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    10/10 - ALDS vs Tampa. Game 3.

    Just completed 2 hour drive back to CT after the game. Probably has been mentioned already, but this was just a classic and epic Fenway playoff game. I saw Game 7 ALCS, and 4 games of the playoff run in 2013, including the WS clincher. The crowd and atmosphere tonight ranked right up...
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    10/10 - ALDS vs Tampa. Game 3.

    Tappan Zee to 684 to 84. All these drives suck most is the time. But 95 is pretty much a guaranty of suckitude.
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    10/8 - ALDS vs Tampa. Game 2.

    Only chasing 3.
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    Rays ALDS Wandering GameThread

    It must be nice to finally be able to root for a city of champions.
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    Happy YED!!

    I bought a couple those T-shirts for my Yankee fan bro in laws for Christmas 2004.
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    Happy YED!!

    Aww YES! (As in, put on that network quickly!)