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    The Fab Five Strikes Back: Michigan BBall 2021-22

    More confirmation of Brooks’ return... The Michigan Insider: Brooks’ decision
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    First time baseball coach

    How about, to carry forward a SoSH legend, "WIN IT FOR ___!" Let each kid pick someone important to them (Dad, Mom, Granny, Officer O'Reilly, Principal Anderson...) and they can rally around him/her.
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    The Fab Five Strikes Back: Michigan BBall 2021-22

    Re my frame comment... he strikes me as a guy who will get pushed around easily in the NBA. So whether it's a combination of added weight or a change in conditioning, I see him as someone who needs to get a little bit "functionally stronger". I can't argue with any of your other points. I'm...
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    The Fab Five Strikes Back: Michigan BBall 2021-22

    This year was a great surprise, and very exciting. I think next year should also be exciting, if not as much of a surprise given the profile of returnees and the incoming freshmen. I'm not here to sh*t on Wagner, but I just don't see the upside that suggests a projected NBA 1st round...
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    Taylor Hall for 2nd Rd Pick to the Bruins

    I know he's already slotted with Krecji and Smith, but I can't see Hall and Pastrnak on the same line. Defensive nightmare. Maybe some PP time, but I can't see any way they are paired ES. Cassidy would throw a clot. I think this is an interesting "show me" deal for Hall... there's no way...
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    Tara Sullivan: What Does the Globe Have Here?

    She sure as shit puts more thought into her columns than Shank...
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    Diary of a commentator

    That’s a crazy error by the umpire! Hoping Producer Chloe knows the score and you benefit from some better assignments.
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    The Red Sox will be wearing yellow and blue uniforms on Patriots' Day weekend

    Based on the age distribution of membership in the other thread, the reaction here is entirely predictable. Does anyone believe that a young, diverse target audience would have the slightest clue about the John Wooden-era UCLA Bruins, outside of this week's Cinderella Final Four appearance...
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Felger opened today’s show by rhetorically asking why he should be interested in the Red Sox this year... he doesn’t want to criticize them every day “because that’s no fun”... so someone should tell him what positives to look for... Then he proceeds to crush Martinez, ERod, Bloom, the pitching...
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    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    Schmautz used to scare the crap out of me when he took a slap shot. They always rocketed above the shoulders, all the players used to cringe/duck, and I thought someone would get killed, only to hear the familiar *kink* as the puck smashed off the glass behind the net...
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    Jim Nantz Re-Signs With CBS Sports

    The whole thing with giving away his necktie to his “most outstanding” NCAAM player is barf-inducing and what I think of with Nantz. His Peyton worship was over-the-top and disproportionate to the praise he has (rightly) shown Brady based on rings. Other than the nauseating “Hello friends...“ (a...
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    NFL News and Transactions

    Goodell: Bob, thanks for negotiating a $110 billion TV deal. Here’s a compensatory 5th...
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    Pats Re-sign C David Andrews

    Seems like there’s only slim pickens left in the C market
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Felger was being an epic jerk. Par for the course. I've gone in and out on the show with it playing in the background since Wednesday. Their general thinking is that it's great that the Patriots are spending their cap money, but the Pats and Belichick are a total failure for being in this...
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    Pats Roster Planning: Defense

    It may also mean Slater is hanging it up. Lock up his successor. I have to think he told Coach Bill of his intentions prior to the start of free agency, but perhaps not..