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    2/23 Celtics at Lakers

    I think the officiating was consistent with any close Celtics game refereed by Marc Davis. Davis was going to do as much as it took for the Celtics to lose. A handful of awful calls was not coincidental.
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    2/23 Celtics at Lakers

    Kudos to anyone that genuinely thinks, “The Celtics would have won if only they had done this or that...” Watching the final few minutes, I am not capable of even beginning to approach that level of rationalization.
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    Kevin Pillar to Sox for 1 year, 4.25 million

    DJ’s vocabulary embiggens us all. Mediocrities with last names beginning with P must be the new market inefficiency.
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    2/9 Celtics visit City of Oklahoma

    Even though he cracked a smile after saying it, Jaylen’s post-game comment about not being sure which side to limp on anymore was concerning. I would hope the Celtics hold him out until after the All-Star Game.
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    2020 Rotation

    Wade LeBlanc signed a minor-league contract with the Orioles last month.
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    2/9 Celtics visit City of Oklahoma

    What a disgusting bailout call.
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    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    The Twins have two prospects that are better than Graterol in Royce Lewis and Alex Kirilloff but only Kirilloff is comparable and only if you think that Graterol is a starter and Kirilloff is limited to first base. Jordan Balazovic is likely Minnesota’s next-best prospect but he lacks Graterol’s...
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    February NHL News

    Among the 498 players that have logged at least 500 minutes of ice-time this season, Pettersson is 16th in the league in penalties drawn per 60 minutes. Shootouts may be too physical for Petterson.
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    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    Alex Kirilloff or we riot.
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    MLB’s sign-stealing controversy broadens: Sources say the Red Sox used video replay room illegally in 2018

    ”Something?” I am glad they have “something.” Sure, the YES center field camera is getting its own Yankeeography and Toronto’s City Centre Hotel’s minibar comes with complimentary binoculars but knowing that they have “something” assures me that this is not ridiculously disparate enforcement of...
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    2020 AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Hold on right there. And there. And there. And right over there.
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    Commentator evaluation: Joe Tessitore

    Or 3.5, for that matter. Tessitore is terrible. The league has made Monday Night Football unwatchable. Tessitore has made it unlistenable. Even the most mundane series leaves me feeling like I just bought a used car whose windows won't roll down the first time the temperature drops below 35.
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    Poll: SoSH votes for 2020 BB HOF induction

    Rolen is much more deserving than Helton and Vizquel and at least as deserving as Kent and Wagner (although @nvalvo illustrated Wagner's strong credentials well). Unfortunately, his best path to election by the BBWAA would be to build support to Schilling / Walker levels and hope that the...
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    2020 Pats: Bengals Coach Implies Patriots Taping Play Signals

    Well, the league already decided that the Patriots would forfeit last week but, in what must simply the wildest of coincidences, that story was quickly superseded by this latest Park Avenue invention.