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    So, who do you think the Red Sox will sign?

    The Royals have re-signed Lovelady to a minor-league contract. Lovelady is expected to miss the 2022 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery in September. Not mentioned in the MassLive article but at least as deserving of attention are: LHP Matt Strahm (Padres): Formerly the Royals’ top...
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    Sox sign Wacha

    Hopefully the Red Sox can sign Radon for a bargain basement price.
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    Sox Prospect Development Philosophy: how wet do those toes get?

    This is a great question and an important lens for viewing off-season transactions but options should be a minor consideration for most of the mentioned players that could play a major-league role this season. Options are burned when a player on the 40-man roster is sent to the minor leagues...
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    Red Sox Offseason discussion

    Gausman was much better than mediocre during his time in Baltimore with the exception of his last full season for the Orioles, when he was soundly mediocre due in part to a BABIP .030 higher than his career average. The only AL East opponent that Gausman consistently struggled against was...
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    Red Sox Offseason discussion

    No reason other than Gausman’s 2021 performance being completely consistent with his previous two years since leaving Atlanta.
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    11/28 Bruins vs Vancouver

    The posts have looked sharp, though.
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    Sox sign Wacha

    Crespo’s quote explains this better than I have. I would strongly prefer that the Red Sox pay a premium for a three-win player that could provide four wins than pay market rate for a one-win player that is most likely to provide one win. Wacha had 1.1 fWAR last season, a cumulative total of 1.6...
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    Sox sign Wacha

    Because most of the 162 provided more value last season than Wacha and many of the 162 provided significantly more value? We could instead isolate Rich Hill, Aaron Loup, and Taylor Rogers but each of them provided 50% more value than Wacha despite Hill being traded mid-season for salary relief...
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    Sox sign Wacha

    1.1 fWAR is the realm of struggling starting pitchers whose rotation spots are regularly at risk and anonymous middle relievers whose anonymity is not. 162 pitchers had at least 1.1 fWAR in 2021, including Brad Keller, Casey Sadler, and Matt Wisler. In the past 14 months, Sadler has been...
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    Sox sign Wacha

    I think Wacha would be most effective as a multi-inning reliever selectively deployed against lefthanded-heavy lineups but believe that the Red Sox have higher expectations. Even if Eovaldi, Pivetta, and Sale all remain healthy, Boston will still have another 900 regular-season innings that need...
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    Sox sign Wacha

    Wacha’s similar pitchers list based on career-to-date results is littered with more cliff divers than ABC's Wide World of Sports. None of Scott Baker, Joey Hamilton, Bobby Jones, or Wade Miller enjoyed an effective season beyond age 30. Shelby Miller, now 31 years old, seems unlikely to bend the...
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    Sox sign Wacha

    This signing seems more Andriesean than Richardsesque. Wacha has pitched to an xERA of 5.09 or worse in three of the past four seasons, with the truncated COVID season of 2020 being the only exception. Pitching his home games in the cavernous confines of Tropicana Field last season did little to...
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    11/26- Black Friday vs. New York Rangers

    Zboril has been the Bruins’ third-best defenseman and significantly better than either of Boston’s free-agent signings. The Bruins have 99 problems but Zboril ain’t one.
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 11 at Atlanta

    Feleipe Franks was drafted by the Red Sox (as a pitcher) in 2019. He may have made some questionable life choices.
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    New BA Top 10 Prospect List

    This is why I don’t think. It can only hurt the ball club. My muddled point was that the difference between the absent Seabold and Winckowski or Groome and the excluded Walter or similar combinations of a handful of players on and off the list is likely minimal and perhaps even negligible...