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    8/7 - Because Someone Has To

    Nibbling, slow working Eduardo is the worst.
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    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    Not defending DD here but he did bring in Cashner (which you figure helps the pen by reducing workload), and added Eovaldi and Hernandez. So it’s not like he did *nothing*. Meanwhile he’s right that if they could get consistent starting pitching they’d be in a much better position. If they...
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    7/28 at home, against the MFY

    Sale’s slider sucks today so they’re just sitting fastball and change.
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    7/24 Wednesday at the Pimple

    What’s great about baseball is no one has any idea what is going on.
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    7/14 vs. Dordgers

    The Red Sox have lost so many games they should have won.
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    7/12/2019 - Dodgers @ World Champs

    Excellent starting pitching + good offense Is a winning combination.
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    Nathan Eovaldi to close

    Separate from what they should have done in the offseason - and I agree with the prior posts on how they could have spent $17M - if what they need is 2 or more new strong bullpen arms, putting Eovaldi out there helps a lot. They can now trade for someone who doesn’t need to step in and think he...
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    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    Statistics claiming to show that the Red Sox bullpen is actually good when it’s apparent that it’s not — are like talking about “more days in first place.” Look: with a good bullpen the Red Sox win both games in this series. The Yankees aren’t unstoppable and based on their starting pitching...
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    6/29 British Invasion

    Seriously. Rosenthal isn’t a journalist he’s a PR guy.
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    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    It isn’t working but it seems like the strategy is: 1. Don’t spend much of anything on the bullpen 2. Find a bunch of guys who have good curveballs 3. Hope someone unexpected turns into someone good 4. Don’t bother with a closer or a LOOGY 5. Hope that the starting pitching and offense makes...
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    6/13 Vs Tex. Two in a row

    It’s insane that this team has no closer. Insane.
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    6/12 - vs Tex Winning Streak Starts Here

    This team just goes from disappointment to disappointment.
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    Here's that Rainy Day They Told me About. . . .

    If you’re scoring at home the Red Sox are terrible.
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    6/10: Win it for Papi

    This bullpen....