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    Patriots HOF Finalists

    Yeah, the departure sucked and may have cost the team that Super Bowl, but I honestly believe that without Parcells, they would have been the St. Louis Patriots
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    Favorite Brady Game

    It doesn't touch any of the playoff games, but I attended the 2002 game against the Bears in Champaign, IL where Chicago was up 27-6 midway through the third quarter and Brady engineered the comeback victory 33-30 so it has a spot in my heart in terms of his best regular-season games.
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    Thank you, Hector Velazquez

    Dude, it's spelled gracias...
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    Stark: Doing the math on the ‘competitive balance tax,’ and the Red Sox’ motivation to trade Mookie Betts

    While this is fair, those other awful contracts are the sunk costs and cannot be undone, so his is the straw that breaks the camel's back and costs the +Y
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    Pete Rose petitioning MLB for reinstatement

    Dude bet on his team when he specifically knew it would lead to a lifetime ban if caught. Sign stealing and steroids have not almost destroyed baseball the way players/managers gambling did (the Black Sox scandal). If you are one of those people who try and justify him by saying "he only bet on...
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    All-Time Favorite Baseball Teams that Weren't Your Team

    Richie Hebner was a friend of my dads and use to come into the bar he tended at (the Irish Heaven in Norwood, MA) during the off season, so I would always root for his teams after the Sox (the Pirates in the 70s, the Phillies in the 80s). I was also a fan of Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton, so I...
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    15 Years

    All my life, I've always worried way too much about tempting fate, celebrating too much too early, or running afoul of karma. In 2004, I worked for Sports Publishing and worked with Shaun and the SoSH mods to publish the Win it For book. That was one thing. The other was that Sports Publishing...
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    Week 5 NFL Game Thread

    Interesting to me that CBS is using the Nantz/Romo team on the late Chargers/Broncos game. Who's going to watch that instead of Green Bay-Dallas?
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    The Ringer

    I think this reinforces Laddie's point. They both started writing humorous and snarky content, and Bill was able to parlay that into so much more than anything Drew has ever accomplished. Drew instead stayed true to where they both arguably started, got better at it, but has seen Bill become...
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    ESPN Is Pathetic

    Saw this act during the Turkey game as well. It is clearly designed to push people to subscribe to ESPN+, which I will never do...
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    This is where I am at as well. I was actually halfway through Monday's PMT and the Stone Cold interview when I just deleted it and unsubscribed. I've probably been rationalizing that PFTCommenter and Big Cat aren't like Portnoy, but frankly their podcast/brand is probably one of his biggest...
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    2021 Lockout: To Be or Not to Be, the Bank Accounts Will be the Question

    This is how you know those ownership stocks are scams--if they we real stocks that paid dividends based on performance, it would be their fiduciary responsibility to amortize the bonus--it would be poor accounting otherwise
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    Top 5 (or so) Worst NBA Contracts

    Wasn't the Timofey Mozgov 4/$64 thought to be an epic overpay at the time?
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    2019 Jets: Throwing INTs & Seeing Ghosts!

    The line The police report obtained by the Associated Press refers to the two women as “girlfriends.” is what really makes that story so wonderful. I read it to my daughter, and she said "good for them"
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    Celebrating What Is

    I wasn't considering St. Louis or San Diego because the teams were based there at the time. I was thinking Mexico City, London, and Champaign, Illinois, where the Bears played for one season while their stadium was being renovated that year, but I would argue that the Bears were still...