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    Watson to Cleveland

    FTFY Look at his numbers. He's had one okay season out of 4. Why on earth would anyone want that? Especially someone who still seems to think they are a "franchise quarterback". His future is as a clipboard jockey.
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    White Sox hire Tony LaRussa as manager

    The announcers in the 2nd clip did a fantastic job of shutting up and letting those chants be audible to everyone watching the telecast. They could have talked right over it and it would have had 1/10th the impact. Kudos to those guys.
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    June MLB Game Thread

    Giants announcer keeps calling the KC LF Andrew Bendetti
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    Bloom/Cora's Obsession with Marginal Players?

    And they will reach a limit with sending down Arauz, as teams will use an option year, but can only use that option to send him to the minors 5 times in a year. He was originally optioned May 12th, so he's got 4 to go for the rest of the year.
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    June MLB Game Thread

    Being drunk in the dugout is not a good look.
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    NFL: News and transactions

    Basically the Rams play the stars and scrubs strategy and hope none of the stars get hurt and push the debt into the future. Eventually it will catch up to them.
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    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    Traffic in that area is already a complete clusterfuck. I can't imagine what it would be like after that is built.
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    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread - Day 3 (Rounds 4-7)

    Unless they use a 7th on Carson Strong. The Howell pick probably triggered the trade with the Chiefs
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    2022 Seahawks: Should we trust PC/JS anymore???

    I'd have been okay with him in the 3rd. The problem with Willis is he really needs a lot of work, and he'd be on the wrong team for that, as Seattle doesn't really have that type of staff, plus Pete is going to run, run, run this year, so even if Willis started, he wouldn't have gotten the reps...
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    2022 Seahawks: Should we trust PC/JS anymore???

    And they ended up taking Cross, which goes to show you what the fuck I know. I think they set their minds on getting a LT with #9 and he was by far the best left. My predictions for today still stand. I would guess their 3rd rounder (#72) will end up with a WR or CB.
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    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 1

    Seattle will likely trade 41, but keep 40. They need some 5th and 6th rounders. Pumpkin pie? One more reason to hate Mel Kiper... /Tobin
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    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 1

    Can't be any worse than Fremont St. was today.
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    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 1

    Still want to figure out if I want to go fight Strip traffic to go to this. Might be my best chance to check it out.
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    NFL: News and transactions

    I think it's both. Deebo didn't run only jet sweeps. There were plays where he was in the backfield and ran RPOs and traditional sweeps, things Cooper Kupp doesn't do. Patterson was virtually useless except as a returner until he started running the ball as a WR/RB hybrid. He didn't have...