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    July/August game thread

    Mookie Betts left the game in the 7th inning, and it appeared that his hand was bothering him. Hopefully nothing...
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    Covid and MLB

    I saw one baseball reporter on twitter say that it meant one of the two tests (nasal and saliva) was positive and the other was negative. I will try to find the tweet. Edit: here it is: "The Cardinals inconclusive tests yesterday for those unclear, means an individual tested positive for...
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    Wild Card Game Thread -- Non Pro-MFY Version

    Dozier! I know, I know, but let me enjoy the moment at least.
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    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2017

    AFC Wild Card PIT over MIA OAK over HOU AFC Divisional NE over OAK PIT over KC AFC Championship NE over PIT NFC Wild Card DET over SEA GB over NY NFC Divisional DAL over DET GB over ATL NFC Championship DAL over GB Super Bowl NE over DAL (27-24)
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    August 2015 Game Thread

    That stadium is such a joke. If I were the Rays, at this point I might just embrace the absurdity. Build in some random figurines in the sky, with target holes for extra points, make the walls curve different directions, with moving parts that whack the baseball away...  Turn the stadium into a...
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    July 2015 game thread

    We head to the eighteenth inning in St. Louis, after Jhonny Peralta is caught stealing to end the seventeenth.   Still 1-1.
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    MLB Team Mount Rushmore "Franchise Four"

    For anyone who's interested, MLB Network has Bob Costas interviewing Koufax, Bench, Mays, and Aaron.  It's airing right now.
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    2015 All Star Game Thread

    Bleacher Report ‏@BR_MLB 9m9 minutes ago Mike Trout’s first ABs at the last 4 All-Star games. 2012: Single 2013: Double 2014: Triple 2015: HR
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    MLB Team Mount Rushmore "Franchise Four"

    Article is up on MLB here.   Greatest Living Players Hank Aaron Johnny Bench Sandy Koufax Willie Mays   Greatest Negro Leagues Players Cool Papa Bell Josh Gibson Buck O'Neil Satchel Paige   Greatest Pioneers Walter Johnson Nap Lajoie Christy Mathewson Cy Young   I won't post all of the...
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    2015 All Star Game Thread

    Mike Trout is SO good.
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    2015 All Star Game Thread

      Bonds probably has the best case, but that would never happen.  Rickey Henderson, Pete Rose, Mike Schmidt, Tom Seaver, Greg Maddux?
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    2015 All Star Game Thread

    Half of these players look like they have no clue who these guys are.
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    2015 All Star Game Thread

    This anthem is hideous.
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    2015 All Star Game Thread

      Given the drawn-out nature of all star games and Fox productions, I'm going way under.
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    2015 All Star Game Thread

    Boy, this crowd is going nuts for everyone, except of course the boos for Braun and the Cardinals.