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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    Actually, Fubo allows for mobile devices such as tablets and laptops to stream wherever they are as far as I know, so if you travel or have two people on from different locations, it can be worked around that way with an HDMI cord. It only limits the fixed smart tv's or roku box/firestick, etc...
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    Sexual Assault Lawsuit Filed against QB DeShaun Watson

    Your dues have been paid, welcome to The Show.
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    Sexual Assault Lawsuit Filed against QB DeShaun Watson

    Don't believe him. He's full of shit. In fact, you can now check it out for yourself. It has it's problems, but it's a great resource. Wade in slowly.... :)
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    How to find V&N?

    Welcome, Boca! You've payed your dues over 15 years and your promotion is beyond overdue. I hope what you are about to see doesn't send you running back in terror.... ;)
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    Super Bowl LV: What is Your Current Rooting Interest?

    Let's move on from the in-depth discussion of the political angles here. Those conversations belong exclusively in, and are welcomed in, V&N. It should be crystal clear to everyone by now that politics and political issues are not welcome in any other forum. It's an edict that is not going to...
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    Emergency repairs underway at JetBlue Park to prevent catastrophic damage

    Can you believe the last time I saw a spring training game was at CoP? And I bet you're right. Oh, and hi, stranger!
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    Confessions of a Confused Brady Follower

    Keep the conversation about football.
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    Might as well start talking about 2021

    Well, he was given every guidance and chance to turn things around, and listened to none of the good advice he was given from many posters. There comes a time when any further attempts become obviously futile. I try to give newbies time to feel the place out but that was the wrong call on this one.
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    So can SoSH talk about Deflategate again?

    Come on, that all played out over a long stretch of time. Before social media was anything like it is now. It was not a situation that provided for an instant, almost spontaneous "holy shit" moment where millions of people around the world were simultaneously and suddenly rendered devoid of all...
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    So can SoSH talk about Deflategate again?

    Well telling someone they are not paying attention, if not a shot, certainly doesn't promote a good discussion. I'll tell you, Deflategate was a huge eye opener for me. I was working in a small town newsroom at the time, and the sports editor, who I worked with closely as I split time between...
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    So can SoSH talk about Deflategate again?

    I think I've been pretty clear in what I'm saying, but yes, the social media aspect, and the effect of the story spiraling with the speed it did is a huge part of it. Read the post you are critquing again. Drbretto's experience has nothing to do with not understanding that those things you...
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    So can SoSH talk about Deflategate again?

    The fact that you had to go back to the 19th Century for two of those examples and into the last one for the other doesn't really support your point very well. No one is saying they didn't know some history or events in the abstract, just that it was the first time they were smacked in the face...
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    So can SoSH talk about Deflategate again?

    It's undoubtedly true that Big Lies have been the basis for both of those things. Your assertion that someone would have to be 15 years old to not have seen it vividly just seems a bit uncharitable. And in the examples of cases I can think of, these happenings occurred before social media was a...
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    So can SoSH talk about Deflategate again?

    Can you give us an example of the type of events you are claiming to be of that same speed, scope, and size?