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    Is ___________ a Hall of Famer?

    Greinke is in. On top of everything that has already been said, he's got six gold gloves and two silver sluggers. That's obviously not the be-all and end-all, but the extra accolades always help, and he's been widely considered to be a good hitting pitcher and a good fielder. If he gets to (or...
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    Nominations for best Boston area Play by Play and Color Commentators ALL TIME

    PBP: Johnny Most, Sean McDonough, Gil Santos Color: Dennis Eckersley, Andy Brickley
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    Poll-ALCS Game 7 Good v Evil the poll

    It's the Rays, easily. Maintaining the 0-3 comeback aura is a nice side bonus, but now that the MFY are out, anybody but Houston.
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    Workman & Hembree to Phillies for Nick PIvetta and Connor Seabold

    That will be my twitter background forever.
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    Game to Pass the Time: Your All-Time Lineup

    LF - Rickey 2B - Morgan RF - Ruth 1B - Gehrig C - Gibson CF - Mays 3B - Brett SS - Wagner P - Pedro
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    Where's that video? MLB's new Multimedia search

    I'm waiting for "Pedro Martinez" and "hit by pitch"
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    Where's that video? MLB's new Multimedia search

    One of my favorites so far (embed doesn't seem to working).
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    Tommy John for Severino

    Per Cashman. Big blow. View: @BryanHoch Brian Cashman says Luis Severino needs Tommy John surgery
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    Thank you Mookie Betts

    I made sure to be at this game last year, fearing that it would be his last. What a way to go out. Everything about this trade sucks, but I'm grateful that we were able to watch him play for six years.
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    DD fired

    Would it be that much worse than '14-'15, when they were actually trying? The "Boston won't stand for a re-build" narrative seems a bit overblown to me. They've had down stretches and the valuation still goes up every year.
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    2020 schedule

    More details: West coast trips in April (9-15) and June (22-24) Cleveland on Patriots Day First MFY series May 8-10 (road) and June 12-14 (home) 11 inter-league games in June, including a weekend series at Wrigley Split inter-league series with Atlanta and Cincinnati (2 home, 2 away) Little...
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    2020 schedule

    It has been revealed. Highlights have already been reported (London, Field of Dreams, etc.). Here's the overview for the Sox:
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    Countdown to the 2019 M.L.B. trade deadline.

    Or they have another move in the making. They've now added Sogard and Aguiliar when they already had an infield logjam.
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    Jim Bouton dead at 80

    Thanks for this - I’ll have to check these out. I usually don’t get too worked up over celebrity deaths, as these are people that I never really knew, but this one bums me out. My fantasy baseball team name was the Beaver Shooters for many years, and every once in a while something will remind...