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    2021-2022 Bruins Season Thread

    Good points. Does Neely have what it takes to fire Sweeney? I don't think Charlie Jacobs has the balls to fire Neely. Do you agree these changes aren't happening? If not, mediocrity is a likely destination. I keep imagining the Bruins with Lou Lamoriello running the ship. A ship that has sailed...
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    2021-2022 Bruins Season Thread

    Ouch. So we play Nashville and Tampa with this lineup. Terrific.
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    2021-2022 Bruins Season Thread

    Do we know who the Providence Bruins are that have covid? I would like to see Studnicka play with the big club.
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    11/30 Bruins vs. Detroit

    The Bruins find ways to lose games of late. Decent effort, some speed, lots of shots on net, take the loss. A home game no less. I'm getting tired of the clog up the front of the net philosophy. It doesn't give the shooter a good look at the net. So we shoot wide. Why not play some hockey?
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    11/18 - Patriots at Falcons: No Time to Love Mac Jones

    Directv has the game in 4K on Chanel 105!
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    11/14 - Browns at Patriots: Hello Cleveland!

    So now I'm supposed to go outside on a beautiful day?
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    Bruins at NJ Devils 11/13

    The puck is not keeping up with the skaters. Looks like typical shitty Garden ice. Edit: whoops. NJ ice.
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    Bruins vs. Oilers 11/11

    No one
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    Bruins vs. Oilers 11/11

    Who told them not to shoot?
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    Hockey "Culture" and Sexual Assault

    He was asked a gotcha question and since he is just an empty suit he gave the only answer he could give. I hope he is booed off the ice at the next Cup presentation.
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    Bruins at Leafs

    It’s Pasta. Who is he going to hurt.
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    Bruins at Leafs

    make up call seems fair.
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    Bruins at Leafs

    The hockey night in Canada broadcast showed the puck across the goal line. The rule though I thought the puck had to cross first which it did not.
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    Bruins at Leafs

    After the replay the call on Muzzin looks less good. Leafs goal is deserved I think.