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    4/27 - Bruins vs Blue Jackets

    Real bad look, boys.
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    4/27 - Bruins vs Blue Jackets

    Any suggestions for a Boston and/or hockey bar around Miami Beach (specifically South Beach) or the surrounding area? While the B’s in the second round wasn’t unexpected, this trip certainly was, so I’m scrambling a bit to find a decent spot.
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    Tour de France

    Cyclocosm put up a great "How the Race Was Won" video on the stage (click "no, please help!" if it doesn't play). The stage was good, even if it involved the inevitable Sky dominance. Quick hits for anyone curious (or for some inevitable HQ question): A bunch of sprinters have been dropped...
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    Tour de France

    Peter Sagan won Stage 5 today with a near-perfect sprint. The replay is a great watch. Easily (imo) the most enjoyable rider on the tour. In other news, American Lawson Craddock had a nasty crash in the first stage and broke his scapula in the process. He's decided to ride on, and pledged to...
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    Storage Issues Download that (first link at the top of the page), and wait until you get some sort of message saying your drive is full/almost full, then run it. See if there's a big block of something taking up space, and that might narrow it down. I've been...
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    2017 Gronk: Mojo Gronk

    This article is pretty late to the (Gronk's) party (Ship), but I think it's a pretty great read.
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    Celtics Playoffs Discussion & News

    I'm also going to be in Vegas next week. With the NFL schedule out and the NBA/NHL playoffs starting up, it's going to be a dangerous time. * * * This is a very cool read from Isaiah Thomas in The Players Tribune.
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    Skiing/riding 2015-2016

    This may be better suited for BLtS, but I'll ask here first: The g/f and I are tossing around the idea of an impromptu NYE weekend at one of the up-and-running New England mountains (namely Killington, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Okemo). We've never done the ski and stay thing before, so I was...
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    Patriots Photoshop Request (aka paging BrandenChristensen)

    "The east", "the northeast", "New England"?
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    Aaron Hernandez Trial (Odin Lloyd)

      As a juror these two things would probably stick with me a little bit.  Probably not enough to discredit him as a witness, but it seemed odd to me, especially with his attempt at justifying it.
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    Aaron Hernandez Trial (Odin Lloyd)

      Is this medical examiner similar to ones you've dealt with? I'm trying to gauge reality vs. dramatic representations.   Seems like he's great on certain topics, but I could see how asking certain open-ended questions would make things difficult ("So, how does someone die from a gunshot wound?")
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    Aaron Hernandez Trial (Odin Lloyd)

    Defense seems to be hammering IT guy and department for the way that the security stuff was handled.  IT guy keeps using "hashtag" when he means "hash".   Curious how the jurors feel about him and the defense's line of questioning. While I think the IT guy is a bit bumbling, I don't think his...