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    The suicide thing is that Stahl, who led the team in home runs in 1906, committed suicide during 1907 spring training. But since so many don't find this to have been an interesting topic, it shall be gone.
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    Pace of Play

    There is an interesting article in the Washington Post today about pace of play. I think you can read it without a subscription but if not, try a Google News search for the article: Velocity is strangling baseball. One paragraph that I will quote is about a study made by FiveThirtyEight in 2017...
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    The Cron(icles) of not making the headlines

    In yesterday's game with the Tacoma Rainiers (8) at the Reno Aces (25), the headlines went to Yasmany Tomas, who hit four home runs and a single, and Matt Szczur, who hit for the cycle. This combined feat has only happened one time in MLB history* but it's unclear if it has happened before in...
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    That was an egregious error on my part as I knew it was double plays.
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    I don't think so. You said "triples were power, not speed" and I pointed out that with outfielders playing shallower, balls could get in the gap because there was less time to respond. A sharp line drive hit over the second baseman's head could hit the ground and roll between the CF and RF with...
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    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    Ron Neccai deserves mention--on May 13, 1952, he struck out 27 batters in a 9-inning game for the Pirates Class D farm club, the Bristol Twins of the Appalachian League. This included a 4-strikeout 9th inning. In his next start, he struck out 24.
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    I'm not sure I'd look at it that way. It wasn't until the 1929 season that MLB clubs hit more home runs than triples. In the dead-ball era and the time leading into the home-run era, outfielders tended to play shallower, which gives less time to respond to ball hit in the gap. Balls can roll...
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    That was the year the New York Giants hit .319 as a team and finished third by a game, or, the Braves and the Reds hit .281, twenty-two points below the National League average.
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    True but what would Williams's record look like if he didn't have the shift to hit into from '48 on? It's hard to do comparisons of players from different eras.
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    Intentional walks weren't officially tracked until 1955.
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    Game 3 - Bruins @ Canes

    But they make more money if the series goes more than four games.
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    Michael Chavis, SS: 2014 MLB Draft 26th overall looks at this question and says: "Player performance is not linear but, instead, characterized by peaks and valleys. xwOBA (the inputs) fluctuates, and wOBA (the output) fluctuates around it in tandem. It’s a messy affair to...
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    Michael Chavis, SS: 2014 MLB Draft 26th overall

    How do you tell lucky from unlucky without watching each play? And if you cannot do this for all players, how do you know it should "even out?"
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    I remember back in the mid-'50s, when I was still in grade school, trying to prove that Williams was a better player than Ruth. Offensive War, Career OPS+, and all those things did not exist. There wasn't even OBP, so I made up Walk Percentage, BB/(BB+AB), and eventually created an early form of...