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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    I will say, I also do not hate them, but I could do without the segments where they drum up talking points just to incite the crowd. And I also feel like cutting out sports talk has allowed me much more peace of fact, the pandemic and YouTubeTV cutting out NESN has more or less...
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Hi Vandalman, my name is changer591, and I just hit my one year of the benefits of the pandemic. No listening to the radio while driving to work since I now work remotely.
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    4/13 - The Bruins Get a "Hall" Pass

    He looked pretty soft on the puck for what I saw of him. Also saw a lot of stumbling around and losing the puck.
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    Benintendi to Royals for Franchy Cordero, Mets RHP prospect Josh Winckowski, and 3 PTBNLs

    How many of you actual read the entire article that quote was pulled from? Cora was actually saying that that is what Benintendi had bulked up without being asked to, BUT "“Right now, if you see him, his body has changed and he’s more athletic right now." The whole thing was not Cora talking...
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    NBA Top Shot

    Gah...totally forgot the drop was at 12pm EST. Oh well...maybe next time.
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    NBA Top Shot

    Too late! I ended up spending about $60 or so just to get some really cheap moments. Now it's time to wait for the drop and see how it goes.
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I'm really glad people have been giving their impressions of FuboTV as I was also interested in switching from YTTV just for NESN. As I sit here watching like my 3rd Bruins game this year because the Rangers game happens to be on NBC Boston, I realize that while I miss watching all the Bruins...
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    Remote Desktop Solutions Over VPN

    Good to know...I generally wish I had more time to learn more about networking, especially security as I have to defer to others much smarter to me in those areas for my job, but I'd like to think I make up for it in other areas. But I've always just plugged in network cables and prayed for...
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    Remote Desktop Solutions Over VPN

    So, interestingly enough, I CAN RDP into my work computer from my home computer regardless of what the VPN situation is, but only sometimes with my work computers name, but always with the IP address. It took about an hour of troubleshooting with various combinations, but in the end, it appears...
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    Remote Desktop Solutions Over VPN

    So yes, it's all quite a pain in the ass. Because we are getting rid of our physical offices and moving into a new building, my company does not want to move the desktops of the people that chose to just leave them at the old building. So we have been told we are to take the desktops home...
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    Remote Desktop Solutions Over VPN

    Because I want to use my work desktop just for work...and I don't intend on installing Steam on it if I feel like playing a round of Hades.
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    Remote Desktop Solutions Over VPN

    So my company has gone remote-first permanently, and as part of this policy, we are essentially losing our physical offices. What I have been doing was connecting to the VPN on my home desktop and then remoting into my desktop that was sitting in my physical office, which is connected to the...
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    Zoom hosts - participants or not?

    You can certainly set up a meeting that doesn't even require a Host, and then the first person that joins the meeting will be the Host, and then when the real Host joins, they will be designated the Host automatically. I've had plenty of meetings set up where I wasn't even present.
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    RIP Travis Roy

    I'm really saddened to hear this news. His accident was during my first year at BU and while I was not a big hockey fan back then, I remember sitting in a hotel room with some of my old high school buddies who had come to Boston for the Head of the Charles watching the television while it...
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    Beer Leagues, Gear, and other Non-Pro Related Items

    I ended up going with this: to hang up my gear...just involved one quick trip to Lowes...and even with my lack of handyman skills, the thing hasn't fallen apart yet.