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    2022 Dolphins: Our coach is cooler than yours

    I don’t dispute any of this but, why then, did they add a 3rd QB to the Gameday roster for the first time, this season? Might that betray some consciousness of doubt about Tua’s condition?
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    9/30 - I'll Huff and I'll Puff. . .

    A sad tale’s best for winter.
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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    I agree with the more dire prognoses. Reminded me, in the moment, of Krumrie’s ugly takedown, actually. Ball was long gone there - totally merciless by Campbell. I know that’s not the judgment they’re paid to exercise, but still.
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    Week 3 Game Thread

    We used to do this pre-show on Sunday matinees at the Schoenfeld for The Audience. Two of the queen’s (Helen Mirren) corgis plus the swing would race across the stage from one wing to the other. Clash of the Titans. Mimi beat Marco and Maya every time.
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    2022 Bruins Camps

    Agreed, I’ve seen a few clips of him and he looks like he might have the finishing skills this team could definitely use more of outside of the top line.
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    2022 Bruins Camps

    Looks like white was caught off guard, maybe by a change of possession outside the blue line? Didn’t see the play but that would explain the D-Man giving him so much space. He also could be respecting Lysell’s speed. I played D through college (D-2) and continue in men’s league so I’m not a...
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    2022 Bruins Camps

    I wouldn’t go that far. He’s defending against the pass into the slot for which his partner is a step or two behind. He’s also conscious of not fucking up his goalie’s view of the worse-angle (preferred from his vantage) shot. He’s slightly in no-man’s land but I see his thinking and I would...
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    The White Sox have traded catcher Reese McGuire & Taylor Broadway to the Red Sox for Jake Diekman

    Impressive pop up time, and that arm of his — kid throws seeds.
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    9/9 - Playing out the string

    ort /ôrt/ nounARCHAIC•DIALECT a scrap or remainder of food from a meal. Another way of referring to something leftover (on) the plate.
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    8/14 - FTY

    Fun fact; I have a forebear named Helen Savage Cone.
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    8/7- A Royal Conquest

    What happened to their power, this year? Apart from Raffy, I mean? 9 HRs each from X and JDM? Hell, afterthoughts Matt Carpenter and Martin Gonzalez have combined for that many, themselves. Maddening season, but I’ll assert this bullpen construction — from the jump — meant they wouldn’t be a...
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    8/7- A Royal Conquest

    Tug McGuire, master batsman.
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    8/2 at Astors 8:10 ET

    Blue Roses…
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    Personally I’ve been waiting for the Choo Choo with Square Wheels or the Cowboy with a Squirt Gun that shoots Jelly. In Chaim I’m trying to trust.