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    2020 Raiders: Cleaning Up Las Vegas

    New stadium in the desert and no solar panels on it?
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    Patriots New Uniforms

    I have yet to meet someone who doesn't long for the old Pat the Patriot uniform. It's seemingly universally liked, not just by folks on this board. There must be some underlying business reason to not switch back. To answer my own question, the old "gear" is widely available (I own a Pat...
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    2020 Pats: QB Edition

    Obviously I have no idea if Stidham will turn into a serviceable to good to great QB, but having one who can actually pick up a first down with this feet will be a foreign, but pleasant, change from Brady.
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    2020 Pats: How Does the Season End?

    But they already used the Roberts catching a pass out of the backfield play. They are running out of wrinkles.
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    2019 Game Ball Thread: Wk. 16 vs Bills

    Going to be cool having Beasley on the team in a couple of years. He's the kind of guy BB loves. Hope it doesn't cost a second rounder and then he suddenly can't catch or block anymore.
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    2019 Pats: In-Season Roster & Injury Discussion

    Didn't everyone have Roberts getting cut?
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    Game 3 - Bruins @ Canes

    Very chippy and lots of diving going on here
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    Game 3 - Bruins @ Canes

    Silence them right here
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    Game 3 - Bruins @ Canes

    Fans are cheering for scoring zip on 45 PP minutes?
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    4/27 - Bruins vs Blue Jackets

    Refs doing everything they can to get bruins zone face offs
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    4/27 - Bruins vs Blue Jackets

    Ref called that from 50 yards away
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    4/27 - Bruins vs Blue Jackets

    Tangled up in his feet
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    4/27 - Bruins vs Blue Jackets

    bruins look gassed
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    4/27 - Bruins vs Blue Jackets

    whistles must be malfunctioning tonight
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    4/27 - Bruins vs Blue Jackets

    I keep waiting for Pasta to show a glimpse of his former self... and waiting, and waiting.