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    What Info Do You Wish You Could Get Out of Belichick?

    “Remember when you were down 28-3 and came back and won SB51?... That was awesome.”
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    A conversation with Reggie Jefferson

    Well, Larry Walker did during the same plate appearance in the 97 allstar game. View:
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    The Decline of Pure Lefties

    I understand why lefties never play 4,5,6 (especially 4), but I never understood why you never see LH catchers. Is it just that if you're a lefty with a good enough arm to play C, you just end up pitching instead?
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    Pats Sign Patrick Chung to a 2-year Extension

    Idk, I thought Gronk helped break up Flacco’s Hail Mary in the divisional in 2014. And that’s the only time I believe gronk played back there. Nope never in like 2018 or anything. Didn’t happen.
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    Old Games on TV Game Thread

    That is technically true, but the Mets should have scored 3 more runs if Ventura just rounded the bases In G5. Not that it matters of course.
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    All-time great teams

    I guess a real question mark with these...are you looking at the players careers or their single best season? Or a 3 year or 7 year peak? If you're looking at best seasons, Ruth is "only" 3.5 bWAR above Betts for RF, but a look at their careers (or even best 5 seasons) gives a bit different...
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    All-time great teams

    Well, you both did miss Eddie Mathews.
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    All-time great teams

    In 1939 he was.
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    who would win between the

    Really good thought experiment (I may have to get a more recent OOTP to try this out): I think both of the first two series would go 7 games. That first one features probably the two best teams in the last 50+ years (other than maybe the, sigh, 86 Mets or 75 Reds). Obviously the 2004 Red Sox...
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    Celebrating What Is

    And he probably could have added at least 1 or 2 more without too much of a stretch, and then a couple more with a little bit more of a stretch. I mean, the only seasons since BB took over where the Patriots weren't a handful of plays away from a legitimate shot of winning a SB were 2000, 2002...
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    Who's Your All-time Patriots 53-man Roster?

    I agreed with the decision to go for it; I just never liked passing for it twice in a row after getting to 3rd and 2, if BB knew they were going to go for it on 4th and short. I felt that they had had success running the ball that game...oh well.
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    Red Sox Greatest Bunt

    The first one I thought of was when Clemens reached on an error by Keith Hernandez in G2 of 1986.
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    Red Sox Greatest Out/Putout

    He had I think 2 leaping catches against the Yankees in the 1999 ALCS that were both huge being third outs with Yankees runners in scoring position (although unimportant in the grand scheme of things). I feel like both were in the same game in NY, even and was one of the only times I got...
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    Giving up the Ghost

    Say what you want about Sisson (you know, like he's p-f-ref's all-time worst Patriots by AV at -2), but maybe if he was remotely competent, the Patriots don't get the #4 overall pick in 1994, and then maybe Edgerin James is able to score from 4th and 1 (among other plays).