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    2021 NLCS: Braves vs. Dodgers

    Agree. When I was looking this up, I expected to find another more recent example. Including Wild Card games, teams that have walked off Game 1 with a win have gone 20-6 in prior series. Has some connections to today’s teams as well: First to lose such a series? Braves in 1958. Most recently NL...
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    2021 NLCS: Braves vs. Dodgers

    Atlanta winning keeps an obscure Red Sox record alive from 1999. In Games 4/5 of that season’s ALDS, both starters went 1.2 IP or fewer. That was and is the only instance where a team won consecutive postseason games when this was the case.
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    10/15 - ALCS vs Houston. Game 1.

    1-1 was the pitch. My god.
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    10/15 - ALCS vs Houston. Game 1.

    Nah, don’t think it was that clever. Lip reading words right after were ‘my time’, so the watch was seemingly a play off of that.
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    10/15 - ALCS vs Houston. Game 1.

    I genuinely have no animosity towards Houston but that was some bush league self aggrandizing by Correa, my god. Asking to be drilled like a root canal tomorrow. Should a better pitch be made? Sure. You can bat flip, but the my time and the watch stuff over does it.
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    2021 NLDS 101: Giants v. Dodgers Game Thread

    Things winless: -Both of these teams in extra inning, sudden death postseason games. -Teams in sudden death postseason games with a 4/4 player.
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    10/8 - ALDS vs Tampa. Game 2.

    Enrique Hernandez now has the most total bases in a postseason game, 11, with one or fewer home runs in said game. The previous record was 10, done four times, most recently another Boston player—Brock Holt exactly three years ago today when he hit for the cycle.
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    2021 NL Wild Card Cardinals @ Dodgers Game Thread

    Jack out of the box.
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    10/5 - It was wild before this

    I can see the Post headline now: Judgement Day. Then they’ll determine that the verdict was to fire Boone.
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    10/5 - Introducing … THE WILD CARD GAME

    Good game guys, best of luck the rest of the way. Excellent showing to feel very confident about.
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    10/5 - It was wild before this

    That’s game. I want to turn this off but I also feel compelled to watch this shitshow fully unfurl, almost like an opposite attracted magnet.
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    10/5 - It was wild before this

    Oddly confident about this, but think it comes down to a matter of close bullpens. Expecting a low scoring game that the Yankees score first, but the Red Sox threaten late but do not cash in because of a Holmes ground ball. Really hoping for good bullpen management if need be but I’m only...
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    9/25 - Nestor Knocks Them Down

    I’m in attendance, ocean blue top by the Pesky Pole. Let’s not fuck around. I’m surprisingly confident. I have quite a history with Yankees-Red Sox games. Almost every time I go to one of these games, Boston wins it all: 2004, 2008, and 2018, plus a few other years. Let’s change that, shall we?
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    Rando Off-Day Trivia

    The Red Sox in 1912 were World Series Champions over the New York Giants. Slightly lesser known than this is that they won in a walkoff in Game 8; the only such instance of a Game 8 walkoff World Series win. Providing Smoky Joe Wood with the win in relief, and Mathewson the complete, 9.2 IP...
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    9.22.21 These Unis Are Driving Me Bananas!

    Some prior precedent about what the Red Sox did tonight. Sadly since it wasn’t 5 in the 5th, didn’t ask about this.