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    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    How about deer blood on the headlights...
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    10/17: Cowboys at Patriots--Gotta Have It Again

    I’ll take that half all day long. Could have been better, but could have been way, way worse
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    10/17: Cowboys at Patriots--Gotta Have It Again

    Obvious hold is obvious
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    Bruins v. Stars

    Is Jack Edwards hammered? He is not sounding well, like really forcing the words.
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    10/16 - ALCS Game 2

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    10/16 - ALCS Game 2

    Surely you’re not new here
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    10/16 - ALCS Game 2

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    10/16 - ALCS Game 2

    Ok I can breathe again. It’s game 2, I hope my heart has enough for 5 more games of this.
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    10/16 - ALCS Game 2

    Jesus just get this one guy please
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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    At least he is consistent.
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    Commentators are Pathetic (except when they're not): Catch-all Thread

    Thanks for posting that, I could watch that on a loop all damn day long. I agree that PS was toast at that point in his career, but honestly I couldn't care less. He could have been talking smack about my mother and it wouldn't phase me in the least, even now 20 years later. Mainly because I'm...
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    Goodbye Gruden

    I got hazed in HS football back in the early 80's. Had I said anything, I would have gotten my ass kicked, and then hazed some more. Heck, I got punched by a teacher once. I never told a soul about it, especially my parents. Because I deserved it for being an asshole to said teacher.
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    Patriot Trade Deadline Speculation

    I honestly don't think DMac is a trade candidate. I fully expect him to retire after this season (he is 34 years old), or possibly return on a 1 year deal. I feel that BB has too much respect for him to trade him. Yes, BB likes to get value for players before they go away for nothing, but I...
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    Pats-Cowboys pregame discussion

    Is Tampa not a good team? Because the Pats absolutely hung/competed with them last Sunday night.
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    To kick or not to kick, that is the question

    Forget the kick, I was actually hoping that they would just chuck it downfield, Flacco style. Could have been a sweet PI penalty.