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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I am unfamiliar with Verizon and your delivery options, but can say that both YouTube TV and Fubo have good quality and interface, and have worked well for our family. The only channels missing that matter to us are CNN, TNT, and TBS for Fubo, and NESN for YouTube TV.
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 6 @ Cleveland

    I thought Dugger was outstanding. Beyond his defense, I think it was with 4:32 left in Q3, he threw an awesome block on the Cleveland gunner on a browns punt. Love his toughness and intensity.
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    2023 rule changes

    I'm fascinated with how the pitch clock will work in reality. There are a few specific areas of interest to me. The exact moment of starting the pitch clock is open to interpretation. Is there going to be home-field advantage to exactly when it begins? The ump can overrule the visible clock...
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    Baseball Is Broken (off the field/labor relations etc.)

    FWIW, the Portland Seadogs send an email after you attend with a survey about the pitch clock. I am hopeful this is at the request of MLB, and also hoping the results are extremely positive in favor of the clock. I gave highest grade on every question.
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    Minor league thread 2022

    Was in Portland yesterday. Rafaela’s 1st hit was a line shot off the monster, one hop directly to the left fielder. He made a solid throw, and Rafaela beat it. Most get thrown out on those or stop at first base.
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    AppleTV Announces Deal For Friday Night MLB Games

    I believe this will be also available on NBC. Assuming that is a short-term fix, and will eventually require the peacock subscription.
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    AppleTV Announces Deal For Friday Night MLB Games

    Sox are on Apple TV Friday night. I can find nothing saying if this is only available live, or if, like any DVR, can be started from the beginning at any point in the game, or after completion?
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    In addition to short-term replacement of those who cannot legally enter Canada, does anyone have knowledge on whether those short-term replacements being optioned back to Worcester or Portland counts toward the new limited number of options? I believe it is 5 annual options per player per the...
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I am using Nord VPN for second consecutive year. No problems to date. Last year seemed to have one random game every 2-3 weeks that would not work. You may need to log out, connect to another city, then do a new login.
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    MLB Umpires To Begin Announcing Replay Decisions

    The biggest difference for replay among the 3 major sports leagues is that NFL and NBA have the local officials actually viewing the play in question. However, MLB umps are completely at the mercy of headset-only status, just to potentially be told they screwed up. by the bored looks on their...
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    Trevor Story has signed with the Boston Red Sox

    unlikely. It seems like a great hedge against Bogaerts leaving after next year, assuming elbow would play at SS
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    The annual springtime "Best shape of his (after) life!
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    Tom Brady retires

    Is there any chance this is intended to be leverage for possible reunion with Josh McDaniel in Vegas? Bucs get a choice of losing him for nothing or get a few picks and/or Carr.
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    NFL Officiating: Zebras gone wild

    1st play from scrimmage for SF at Dallas. Defender lines up with hand on the line of scrimmage. No “unabated to QB”, as he did not jump early, and OT engaged him. Flag thrown at snap, and after a pass was thrown (before it was caught for 11-12 yard gain) whistle blows it dead. Announcers were...
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    Unlimited does sound right. I record every pats, Sox, and Celtics game, and have never deleted anything. Been a subscriber for at least 3 years.