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    DD fired

    Sold. Raquel Ferreira gets the job.
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    DD fired

    If it's just the results on the field it looks like a bit much to can him a year after a ring. But if Shaughnessy is right about his relationship with the owners going to hell then yeah they basically gotta do it. It doesn't reflect great on the owners that this keeps happening, they seem to...
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    Wk. 1 vs Steelers: We’re on to 2019

    DMC perfectly plucked that.
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    Wk. 1 vs Steelers: We’re on to 2019

    Julian Fucking EdelMAN would like to remind everyone he's still That Guy.
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    Wk. 1 vs Steelers: We’re on to 2019

    Burkhead's quite something himself
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    2019 AB Watch: Non-legal Views Only

    Did this make it into the thread yet? View:
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    9/7: Despoil Again

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    9/7: Despoil Again

    Betts still defending like it matters.
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    9/6: Spoiler Alert

    That's the style, Mitchy, that's the style!
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    Andrew Luck Retires from the NFL

    Let's trade 'em Hoyer and get Jacoby back.
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    8/24 vs Padres- Day Two of the Epic Streak of '19

    The "BH" stands for "Brock Homers"
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    8/7 - Because Someone Has To

    I saw at least one guy in the crowd who looked like he was wrestling with how happy he was for the win against how pissed he was it only lasted 10 minutes.
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    Let's Do Lunch! (at 1:05)

    My pleasure.