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    Most wins since 1967?

    Since we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the new era of the Red Sox, I was wondering who has been the most consistent franchise over that time. Anyone know the answer to that? Note that the final regular season game (10/1) will coincide with the anniversary of the...
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    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    I heard that it might be a "talking bobble head"? Maybe it played what he actually said that day?
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    College Hockey 15-16

    After an amazing battle between Harvard and BU last night, it's time to fire up this thread. Harvard had one loss (to Quinnipiac) was ranked 4/5 and had just won a tournament in Minnesota last week. I haven't seen them play yet but they seem to have a lot of scoring depth this year. Harvard...
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    2016 World Junior Championships

    Very nice move by the Russian on the winning goal, but Nedeljkovic has to stop that one. Samsonov was great in the 3rd.
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    Yankees acquire Aroldis Chapman

    Reminiscent of the 1990 Reds Nasty Boys: Myers ERA+ 193 K/9 10.2 Dibble 229 12.5 Charlton 146 (starter and reliever) 10.1 (as reliever)
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    2016 World Junior Championships

    looks like USA-Russia at 1pm EST Monday? Both these semis should be fun games. I watched a lot of the Can-Fin replay. The first Finn goals were absolute snipes, but later they scored by going hard to the net. Fun team to watch. Canada had some nice goals highlighted by Marner in the 3rd...
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    2016 World Junior Championships

    anyone see the game? I thought overall the US played a solid game vs Canada, although there were a few too many individual plays, guys trying to dangle through defensemen. Canada doesn't look like it has any of the exciting players they had last year with McDavid and Domi. I thought Carlo had...
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    Talbot gets 2 games

    2 games he won't be available for the shootout .......
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    Let's discuss Papi's HoF chances

    To his credit, McAdam clarified that he's not voting for ANYONE that has the steroid odor.  My problem with his strategy is that the vast majority of Papi's HoF credentials were established during a period of testing.   Not to mention he got significantly better after testing, not worse, and...
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    Beer Leagues, Gear, and other Non-Pro Related Items

    Sports Etc in Arlington always has great deals on skates during the summer.  check out their website for specific sales.       One of the great things here in Mass is the Mass Goalies and Mass Skaters yahoo lists.  My guess is you could play goalie for free 5 times a week just by following the...
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    Pedro Martinez Memories

    I was lucky enough to get pretty good seats for the 99 ASG, close enough to see the action on pitches.  First time I'd ever seen Pedro pitch live, I believe.   On a night when every living baseball legend was assembled on the Fenway Park diamond, the most vivid memory for me will always be how...
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    Bruins acquire Zac Rinaldo from Flyers

    Really good takedown by Stanley Cup of Chowder.  Probably preaching to the choir here, but well-done all the same.   The trouble is, not only is Rinaldo not a "combination" of...
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    Time to move Joe Kelly to the pen?

    I think they call those donuts.
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    Ortiz vs LHP, is it an effect of the shift?

    I just stumbled across this article from 2012, How David Ortiz Turned It Around Against Lefties.   The first point in the article:  
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    Apple Watch

    How do you use it to control your AppleTV?