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    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    I think everyone's assuming a pure 1 year contract for Hill. I think he's a prime candidate for a 1 year with a team option. Something like 1/$5 with a $8-10M team option for year 2. That way the team eats the rehab, but if he's healthy, you get the second year at a relative value otherwise...
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    2019 UFC/MMA

    Not even close on being similar to a Jones fight. They combined to land 60 significant strikes in a 5 round 50-45 on all cards fight. Carmouche landed 18 significant strikes. They were each looking to counter and no one initiated action. There were points in the fight where it looked like...
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    Celtics in 18-19

    Agreed, and I'd like to hold out hope that the Wolves/Lakers can pass the Kings
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    2018 Red Sox World Champions Parade thread

    Going in for the parade with my 3 year old son. I’ve always gone solo previously and stood down by park st, but I’ve heard the crowds are smaller near the park, is there a recommendation for the best place to watch from? Thanks
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    Boston SportsDoc Injury Blog Thread

    Not sure its a setback, but the globe report on Hayward said that the plate and screws were removed because they were irritating his tendons. Doesn't sound like having them removed now was part of the original plan.
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    2018 NBA Draft Lottery

    I think Doncic helps more immediately, so I’m hoping the Suns take him. However I feel the Suns will take Ayton and Doncic will fall to the Kings. Pretty sure the Kings will still be bad, but they would be worse with Ayton
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    Ainge spoke about this on T&R 2 weeks ago. He mentioned specifically that there were doubts about whether Giannis' body could handle banging with NBA bigs. On the Butler regret, he talked about how Butler had fantastic workouts with them and the draft room was split between Butler and JuJuan...
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    Bad Hombres: Jerseys Ashore

    I heard this as well elsewhere. He was trying to sell the Super Bowl XLIX Brady jersey because that wasn't widely publicized as stolen. Many of the potential buyers he contacted had no idea that jersey wasn't obtained legally. Looks like TMZ was the one to report it, so maybe just as...
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    UFC/MMA in 2017

    I agree that Woodley had the more dominant rounds, but by the current scoring system there's no way he won that fight. I was expecting another draw with the way the cards were being read. I thought it was clear rounds 1, 2, 4 for Wonderboy and 3 and 5 for Woodley. I'd even be ok with a 10-8 for...
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    UFC/MMA in 2017

    Khabib/Ferguson fight officially called off, he was released from the hospital, but not medically cleared. Sucks, I was much more pumped for that fight than Woodley/Thompson
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    UFC/MMA in 2016

    I thought it was a 10-8 round, but seeing Wonderboy finish in top position for the last minute of the round, I can see how the judges could have been swayed back to a 10-9. I don't think it was a horrible decision. Fights like this one make me wonder what's going to happen in the new year as...
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    UFC/MMA in 2016

    Its always been about money and drug testing between those two. GSP wanted stricter drug testing for his fights. The Reebok deal also hurt his relationship with the UFC because he's the face of MMA for Under Armour and had issues with being forced to wear a Reebok kit without being paid more.
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    2016 NBA Draft

    Ulis is one of the other medical red flag guys with a hip injury that they project will need surgery down the road
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    The MLB Draft

    One thing to note is the de-commit to Vandy will make him harder to sign. The story was that he wanted to go the JUCO path so that he'd be eligible again for next years draft if he didn't get the 4 mil rather than have to wait 2 years to be re-drafted if he went to Vandy
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    UFC owners in advanced talks to sell business for as much as $4 BILLION

    I think the Ferritas brothers have seen the writing on the wall with the McGregor fiasco. They've been talking about selling for a while, but now they realize that individual fight purses are going to have to begin rising and the margin is going to take a hit because of it. Selling now while...