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    4/25 MiLB Gameday: Two Games

    Also worth noting that Marco Hernandez started in Left Field today for the Paw Sox, something he hasn't done since the DSL.
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    4/20 MiLB Gameday: Early Games

    It's been great to see Stank, McAvoy and Wilkerson start off so well in Portland.
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    Mark Schofield's First Book

    I have enjoyed all of ITP's collective work thus far and I'm going to be purchasing a hard copy of this book. Congrats on the great achievement Mark!
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    Seeing the Spinners tonight: Who should I be looking for?

      Austin Rei was our 3rd round pick in the 2015 draft and was thought of as one of the best catchers in the draft. Josh Ockimey is the 1st baseman and he has probably the most offensive potential in that lineup. 
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    8/18 MiLB Gameday: The Final All-Star Game

    If he continues his trend of 4 inning stints, then he finishes today with 4ip 7ks 0bb and only 1 hit allowed. That hit was promptly taken care of with a double play.    Seriously though, how hyped am I allowed to be with this kid? 
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    8/3 MiLB Gameday: Off Days and TBDs

    Recently promoted Luis Ramos is making the start for Greenville, per SoxProspects. 
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    7/30 MiLB Gameday: Zeke vs. Zach at Noon

      He's striking out 32% of the time, and from the games I've watched it looks like good off speed pitches are beating him. He's mostly splitting DH/3B duties with Devers and he looks pretty good at third with his glove however.