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    Super Benintendi

    Benintendi's grandfather passed away. The service will be held today.
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    What’s it all about, Rafi?

    My observations of Devers' swing is that he does not remain balanced and in control when he swings. He flies open and does not keep his eyes on the ball all of the way to the bat. Before he has completed his swing, his weight is often on his heels. When he makes solid contact, he seems to...
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    Ted Williams and the Cloudbuster Nine

    I received this message from a friend (an 85-year-old doctor who attended the UNC Medical School in the late 40's) who read the Keene story: "My sister-in-law worked at Chapel Hill Pre-Flight. One of the tests required of all consisted of a solid round wheel like object. On its edges were...
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    The Cloudbuster Nine

    The author's father, James P. Raugh, Jr., around age 9, getting batting lessons from Ted Williams and Johnny Pesky while Williams was in Chapel Hill training to be a World War II fighter pilot. North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, The Louis Round Wilson Library In 1943 in Chapel...
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    Dana LeVangie named pitching coach

    Norm Sherry, Dave Duncan and now Dana. A short list of non-pitchers who became major league baseball pitching coaches. Anyone remember another one?
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    Yawkey Way now Jersey St again

    The comments by Tom Yawkey's biographer disgusted me. Tom Yawkey may have kept his racist views out of the newspaper, but he hired and enabled a series of racist General Managers, like Pinky Higgins, who were the direct actors in the refusal to sign future Hall of Fame players (we all know the...
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    MLB investigating Padres Over Pomeranz Trade

    "Growing up in Rome, New York, Rob Manfred was a fan of the New York Yankees: (from his Wiki page). I am SURE that none of his passion for the Yankees was a factor in his decision to wrist slap the Padres for withholding medical information (which was a repeat offense) or the boulder that he...
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    MLB Investigates Red Sox Over International Signings

    The issue isn't so much who the Yankees sign THIS signing period (because the warning has been sounded), it is the previous IFA signing period when the Yankees went on a spree. It would be interesting to know how much bundling of highly rated prospects and non-prospects were signed by the...
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    Red Sox Select LHP Jason Groome 12th Overall

    The "top 3 money" and "top 5 money" statements were made before Groome dropped from possible 1/1 to No. 12.
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    Red Sox Select LHP Jason Groome 12th Overall

    The rumors that Groome was kicked out of IMG have been refuted. He left because he was homesick and wanted to spend his senior season with his life-long friends and wanted to win a state championship with his buddies. The rumor about Vandy dropping Groome has also been refuted. The biggest...
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    Pitching Targets

    "Rubby de la Rosa In exchange for Sandoval, Castillo, Buchholz, and Rutledge." Let's be realistic. You would have to pick up $250,000 of the money due to Sandoval, wouldn't you? ;)
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    Use of weighted bats in on deck circle

    Many of you probable saw the CBS series Sports Science segment a few months ago regarding the use of weighted bats by batters in the on deck circle in an attempt to increase their bat speed in their upcoming at bat. I was fascinated by the science that showed the use of donuts and other weights...
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    2016 Fenway Park Changes (other than the new netting)

    Heckling? Within reason, I do not see the issue. Endless, screaming, repetitious rants? I would not be thrilled to have someone sitting behind me doing the latter.
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    Sox send Miley to Seattle for Smith (RP) and Elias (SP)

    I'll place my bet that Roenis Elias will be part of another trade before spring training. DD said that he was looking to add another starting pitcher. I doubt that Elias was his target.
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    Pedroia has a concussion?

    I would not suggest that Forsythe intended to cause an injury, but I thought it was reckless and intended to impact Pedroia rather than to avoid the tag. Only Forsythe knows.