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    2020 MLB Hall of Fame News and Notes ... Is it Dewey's time???

    It does seem to be pretty much anyone who has played 10 seasons. Has anyone ever said no to the Hall about being on the ballot?
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    Week 11: Die, Eagles, Die

    let me guess, run run run fg
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    Week 11: Die, Eagles, Die

    Brady is skurred
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    Week 11: Die, Eagles, Die

    Bailey coulda had it.
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    Week 11: Die, Eagles, Die

    "minutes of real time" Drink!
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    Week 11: Die, Eagles, Die

    His ass might have been on the ground. I dunno, this could be reversed.
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    2019 NFL Week 11 Game Thread

    Minny tried their hardest to lose there taking those timeouts.
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    Tua Tagovailoa Suffers Serious Hip Injury

    Because of the threat of the lockout I have to think he will still declare unless he thinks he would fall very far in the draft. I wouldn't rule it out though.
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    2019 NFL: News & Transactions

    If the injury is that serious and he falls in the draft, would you want the Pats to take him?
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    '19-'20 Warriors: who's left?

    2-11 now. I don't know if this is the end of the run completely, but they better hit on the draft pick.
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    2019-2020 General College Hoops Thread

    View: Mildly interesting, guy played 15 minutes in a game and didn't get anything on the score sheet, not even a foul.
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    How Many Games Should Myles Garrett Have Been Suspended?

    Garrett didn't get anything worse (for now) because Rudolph didn't get that seriously hurt. But it could have been a lot worse. If Garrett does get charged and pleas out he's getting more, I think that's why they opted to suspend him indefinitely rather than just to the end of the season.
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    2019 NFL Week 11 Game Thread

    Garrett swung pretty hard, Rudolph is lucky it was the bottom of the helmet and not the top.
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    2019 NFL Week 11 Game Thread

    The final decision of course isn't Rudolph's but I imagine it carries a lot of weight.
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    2019 NFL Week 11 Game Thread

    Rudolph's Agent is talking about possibly pressing charges, so this could get pretty spicy. The ESPN article compares it to Gurode, who did not when he got stomped on by Haynesworth. Haynesworth got 5 games. Anything is possible for Garrett, but I would say 6-8 is most likely (The Browns have 6...