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    Screen Recording Software for Windows

    I use Flashback Express; it's free and easy to use.
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    (When) Will the Season Start?

    EDIT: Never mind. JA beat me to it!
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    2/9 Celtics visit City of Oklahoma

    I live 20 minutes outside of OKC, and I agree with you. But, the Thunder are really a fun bunch of inconsistent young players with a couple of veterans like Gallo and CP3 thrown in. Currently the #6 seed in the West! I think it will be a good game.
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    NBA trade deadline "official" rumors and news

    Miami won't have that much cap room left if the Heat extend Iguodala and Gallinari.
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    RIP, Kobe and other victims (including young daughter). Kobe wasn't perfect, but “people are more than the worst thing they have ever done in their lives” (Helen Prejean).
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    1/26 Eff the Pelicans

    I'm expecting some more breathless coverage of Zion. Any news about whether Tatum and Brown are playing today?
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    NBA Ratings Slump; Does the NBA have a problem?

    This is certainly not the case with local feeds -- the Thunder announcers are such homers, I can't watch them with the sound on.
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    Tickets go on sale Friday: How excited are you about the 2020 Red Sox?

    I love baseball. It just fits with the rhythm of my life. So, I'll take whatever the Red Sox have to offer.
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    January 2020 General NBA Game Thread

    What is with the short rotations? Who (on the bench) should be playing more? As you saw tonight, the Thunder will put just about anyone on the floor, including Dort and Burton (with Adams, Noel, Ferguson, and Nader all out).
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    Alex Cora fired

    Perish the thought! The only good thing about the Bobby V year was the Punto Trade.
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    Cora in line for major suspension?

    This isn't fried chicken and beer with the subsequent Francona firing. I doubt it changes much.
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    January 2020 General NBA Game Thread

    The Thunder have been very careful with Gallo. He's missed quite a few games since December with a "sore ankle." The Thunder wouldn't be winning without CP3, but they could live without Gallo. I think he's the most likely to be traded.
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    RIP Meff Nelton

    The Yankee fans on this site are few in number but of high quality. Rest in peace, Meff.
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    December 2019 General NBA Game Thread

    Good for the Warriors! Isn't it more fun to root for "the little team that could" than a team that is supposed to win? As a Thunder fan, I don't miss the expectations that OKC is supposed to be good. Every win seems like a blessing, like something that had to be earned rather than given.
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    December 2019 General NBA Game Thread

    Grayson Allen is just as punchable on the Grizzlies.