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    Happy Truck Day

    Lol - thanks @Lose Remerswaal!! Both @sittingstill & I used to cover it back in the day (and a few other SoSHers I believe)...I do miss those days of pure innocence before it really became a “thing”. Haven’t gone in years, but I can share the pic below from maybe 10 years ago...
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    Classy Championship Game (NFC and AFC) Game Thread

    Agree...thought it was great. now, go Bills!!
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    Dope Divisional NFL Game Thread

    Sorry to interrupt the Bucs/Saints game threading but didn’t see mention of this and thought it was pretty cool and others might find it interesting...
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    9/13 Pats vs Dolphins

    Are mullets making a comeback?
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    Stupid Things I Can't Figure Out

    Images aren’t always loading for me all of a sudden...a box with a number appears. I’m using Safari/IPhone. How did you fix your issue?
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    Rest in Peace, dcmissile

    That quote you included @Montana Fan was perfect! @dcmissle was a thoughtful & caring poster who informed across the board. Such sad news...condolences to his family.
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    So very sorry to read about your daughter's experience, @BaseballJones and that of @Mooch's daughter. Truly - thoughts go out to you & your families as you deal with these situations. I'd also just like to point out that the decision process on whether to press charges that @BaseballJones'...
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    MSNBC has live coverage...
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    Redsoxstiff sorry to read this. Deepest condolences to you & your family, Cathy!!
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    Tennis 2019: Plus ça change...

    Just amazing match
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    Tennis 2019: Plus ça change...

    Really competitive match...crazy!!
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    2018 Red Sox World Champions Parade thread

    Thanks, @LogansDad!! Here are some from the parade...I ended up walking along for a bit:
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    2018 Red Sox World Champions Parade thread

    Great pics there, @j_sunne!! And Kelly (@sittingstill) - outstanding as usual. It's worth checking out her link, folks...that one of Cora with the Pru in the background is a fabulous composition, as is the last one in your gallery with the confetti!! Personally, I also loved the frustrated...
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    2018 Red Sox World Champions Parade thread

    Those are great shots @Hendu for Kutch!! I love the ones with the construction guys in the background!!