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    1/20 Celtics @ Sixers

    There was more contact on that than Kemba’s last drive? alright sure
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    Patrice Bergeron named Captain

    Same for me. Despite growing up in the golden era with Pedro, Manny, Brady, Ortiz, Pierce, etc. he has been and always will be my favorite. #37 will always be one of my Powerball and Keno numbers and usually in my passwords somehow. This is very true. I need to get a jersey with the C on it...
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    The Ringer

    yes that’s exactly what I was saying. Thanks for that bro *fist bump* Have you ever actually listened to the show? As others have said she’s condescending not just to movies she doesn’t like but to entire genres, which also make up most of the movies released. Not just dumb action movies but...
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    2020 kickoff, Beatdown the Bucks

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    The Ringer

    Yeah I don’t listen much unless I’m interested in the movie or topic but I wish it was the Fennessey show with guests based on the movie they’re covering. The conversations are boring if it’s just those 2 and she’s not interested. It’s crazy she’s a host of a movie podcast
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    The Ringer

    Chris Ryan doing a Pacino impression with lines from whatever movie they happen to be covering should be a category for every movie
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    The Ringer

    He was suggesting that. But Stamp was not in Game of Thrones
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    2020 Masters Week--College GameDay live from Augusta

    If you “feel off” during a fucking pandemic then drop out immediately. If you don’t and you test negative then shut the hell up. You played bad. It happens
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    2020 Golf Thread

    Thanks for that write up. I’ll definitely refer back to it as I’m trying to bounce around and play a bunch of different places. I used to play, at most, 5 times a year then last summer something clicked and I love playing as much as possible now. Since I haven’t been able to actually travel this...
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    I’m pretty sure most people watching this game understand Bluetooth technology. Marcus was perfectly happy standing there being interviewed. But no Rachel had to tell him he can go shoot around. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should Start the freaking game it’s a school night!
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    9/9 C’s vs Raps Game 6

    Review showed we want a game 7 so it’ll be overturned absolute clown show
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    The Ringer

    Yeah I like Simmons and think rewatchables is great and it’s his baby but I’m starting to feel he should only be on for his movies. Whenever he’s seen something 100 times he excels but if not it can be a slog. He misses obvious references and context when the other people try to bring it up. He...
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    Game 5- Bruins vs. Bolts

    My heart can’t take much more
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    Game 5- Bruins vs. Bolts

    They are openly rooting for Tampa right?
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    Game 5- Bruins vs. Bolts

    Hedman should learn to skate if he wants to play In the nhl