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    Down in hot 'Lanta to end this nightmare, part 1

    This made me laugh. Out loud. Well done.
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    2020 NFL: Wk.3 Game Thread

    See; this guy gets it. Bravo.
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    September 23, 2020, Baltimore @ Fenway

    I say keep him in the line up; him continuing to be a tire fire is our only shot of getting one of the top two pitchers.
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    2020 Tompa Bay: Trouble in Paradise?

    In other words, he probably should have stayed retired.
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    September 23, 2020, Baltimore @ Fenway

    The Pirates have the #1 pick locked up, we're two games up on the Rangers with 5 to play, they are in full blown tank mode, losers of 3 strait and 7 of their last 10. Even when we suck we can't do it right, we need to catch the Rangers to have a shot at one of those Vandy pitchers. Go back to...
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    2020 NFL: Wk.2 Game Thread

    It's perfect for Vegas.
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    The Game Goat Thread: Wk.2 at Seattle

    If you watch the highlights of the game, they scored two TD's by running basically the same play on the goal line. Credit where credit is due, the Seahawks blew the play up, players make plays, that's what they do. And again, as others have stated and Cam also admitted, he thinks if he kicked...
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    2020 Pats: Cooking with Cam

    In your opinion, roughly what do you think that would take and based on their projected cap situation, can they make it work?
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    2020 Pats: Cooking with Cam

    This. Loved him at Auburn and on the Panthers, just a fun person to root for. I love watching him play, he's dynamic and is a weapon both through the air on the ground. I know it's super early but I really, really hope the Patriots find a way to keep him, I'll be very disappointed if he...
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    2020 NFL: In-season News and Transactions

    The way Folk kicks, the holder must mark the spot with an anchor.
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    9/20 Pats at Seattle

    Same here; as Cam gets more comfortable with the offense, they will get better on that side of the ball. And unlike any other sport, injuries for both the Patriots and other teams are indeed the push factor.
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    9/20 Pats at Seattle

    It would have been a foot race to the end zone, Cam vs #97, but I'm with you, the more I look at it, #97 has the angle and I think he makes the tackle. Great effort, Cam is the real deal, very encouraged at what I've seen so far, I trust that Josh will continue to tweak things to work to Cam's...
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    9/20 Pats at Seattle

    Yeah, he was wide open on that play
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    9/20 Pats at Seattle

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    9/20 Pats at Seattle

    And it was