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    Albert Pujols Watch

    Who called the cops? This party celebrating a historical baseball moment was fun.
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    Albert Pujols Watch

    Tío Albert was also very beloved during his short time as a Dodger. Such an amazing moment.
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    Chris Sale aiming to return

    Exactly this. I sure wish we ran Tom Brady out of town after he lost his shit on Bill O'Brien on the sidelines. What a bad influence on the rest of his teammates who suddenly thought it was OK to swear out their position coaches. Competitive people react in competitive ways. ~20 year old AAA...
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    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 1

    Living up to the username.
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    August Game Thread

    Don't mean to pile on, but I have to. Seriously, this slide was one of the smoothest things I have ever seen. How could you possibly comment negatively about this? Trea Turner is awesome.
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    August Game Thread

    Yes, protecting your fingers from being broken is *so* untraditional and offensive and should be banned immediately
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    He practiced in full on both Thursday and Friday and is expected to be active despite the questionable tag.
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    Basing all of my DFS picks off of this stream.
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    Game 3 - Bruins @ Canes

    Two U’s two K’s two balls the size of fucking Jupiter
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    Loveable Losers v. Mary Harts - NLCS

    Fowler, Bryant, Rizzo. Good luck, Kenley.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket now available via PS3

    Tried streaming RedZone on my laptop while watching the Patriots on my PS4 and it told me I would have to logout on my gaming console before proceeding.
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    May MLB Game Thread

    Trayce Thompson with the walk off in Chavez Ravine. Dodgers 3, Mets 2.
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    Steelers/Broncos Gamethread

    The server has gone full Toussaint. Even if nobody was open, Ben needs to just chuck it high and deep. Taking a sack is the only no-win scenario there.
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    Steelers/Broncos Gamethread

    Matchups and homefield advantage aside, I don't want to play Denver simply because Peyton's cadence makes me want to swan dive off a skyscraper.
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    Steelers/Broncos Gamethread

    Toussaint had no explosion whatsoever there. Looked like he was taking a stroll through the park.