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    Better anthem choices than James Taylor

    Phish. Guster, and Grace Potter are all good suggestions. Have to continue that independent theme with Susan Tedeschi and Ryan Montbleau.
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    Swihart's second rodeo

    Heck no, I am saying that a larger sample size is needed and warranted based on need and upside. The team can afford to give Swihart a longer audition at catcher this year. Blake is still the Red Sox highest upside catching prospect, yes?
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    Swihart's second rodeo

    Swihart has demonstrated that his defense is not terrible and he's flashed an intriguing hit tool for the position. @tonyarmasjr makes a compelling case. The Red Sox have a 9 game lead and are on a historic win pace. Data drives out speculation. The team can afford to give Swihart a chance to...
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    Swihart's second rodeo

    I want to deemphasize Swihart's performance during the injury plagued seasons, especially if his injury's are not chronic. Increased playing time will drive out speculation. Swihart should be evaluated as a catcher or set free. The injury to Vazquez opened the door for Blake to earn a role...
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    Recommend me a laptop, v2018

    Our daughter is off to WPI as well, went with the ASUS Vivo after considering Apple Lenovo, and Microsoft offerings. $1,100 for a horse ASUS VivoBook Pro 15 4K Touchscreen Laptop, Intel Core i7-7700HQ, Gaming GeForce GTX 1050, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD+1TB HDD, 15.6” UHD (3840 x 2160) WideView...
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    Pedro Martinez: the Yoda of Pitching

    I took my brother and father to Fenway. We were treated to Pedro striking out 13 MFY's over 8 scoreless frames back in 2001. He is the greatest statesman for the game in my book. If Pedro is speaking about antics, change up grips, of defensive shifts I'm listening intently.
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    Jalen Beeks to start on Thursday, Alex Cora said

    SSS applies, but I think there is cause for another start. Beeks was able to paint the corners of the plate with movement on his two seams. The four seams and off speed pitches were mostly terrible, with a few flashes of filth. I liked that he battled back for a bit after the disastrous first...
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    The Pace Of The Game Thread (This Thread Used To Have A Long soxhop Title)

    Shouldn't basic supply and demand principals apply? If you reduce the number of 15 and 30 second spots that are available to advertisers, those that remain should increase in value. Speeding up the game will draw more viewers, which would conceivably multiple the value of the limited...
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    Recommend To Me A Broad-But-Shallow Project Tracking Tool

    We use Basecamp. It is good for basic projects with simple task assignments, it can be shared, and it has good discussion threading at the task level. My one critique is that you can't assign a task to a group. Tasks must be assigned to an individual.
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    Minor League Game Thread

    Brian Johnson just left the game on what looked to be a left knee injury. Slipped and fell on his plant leg. Walked off under his own power. Getting pretty thin on the farm.
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    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

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    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    I wanted to feel really good about myself, but not be too self indulgent, so in addition to becoming a sliver member today, may I please have my member status back?
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    Life w/o ERod - 6th SP and SP depth

    Exactly this. Porcello and Buchholz have dominated in large swaths. The assets in our rotation certainly have high risk reward pitching lines, but that's a great part of the fun. I'm hopeful that Rodriguez can take his time coming back and that when he is ready, he is forced to make a hell of...
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    The Jon Lester Affair -- A Poll

    I voted Other.  I would have selected the following...   It sucks, I hate to see him go, the front office created this situation and now has to make the move.