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    Lonzo and his brother Chuck Cunningham and his other brother Chuck Cunningham

    Lithuania would get Magic in any sort of trade so LaVar would run the Lakers.
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    Chelsea 17/18 We know what we are

    What a display from Hazard today. Back in the top4 we go.
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    The terribly mediocre Lakers

    At the end of his Laker's deal with LeBron and PG13 on his team, Lonzo tells dad to piss off and signs with the Lakers anyway.
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    Chelsea 17/18 We know what we are

    The way I see it. The board makes all the personnel moves and Conte calls them out on their absurd moves. Last thing I read is he wants quality over quantity. I agree with him. Abramovich needs to decide if he wants to win consistently or make money. You don't get to do both in the Premier...
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    Markelle Fultz, Year Three: He's back! Big....?

    Last I heard Brown basically said when he's ready. No timetable but he's in the "last phase".
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    The Cavalier Train Wreck

    Simmons is pretty much our point guard. Bron,Paul and Simmons wont work for long and would hinder Ben's development. I do agree Bayless needs to go but we shouldn't be doing anything big this year unless it's unload some of our shooters...who can't shoot. Which oddly enough is everyone but...
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    NBA 2018 Trade Deadline Chatter

    I don't think Philly will be in for him. It's not someone running the point we need. It's someone to catch and make 3s.