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    Thank you, Petey: Dustin Pedroia announces his retirement

    When I think of Pedroia, this is what I will always remember...all effort...all attitude...all the time... I have had many favorite Sox...but the only jersey I have owned is #15... Thanks for all the memories were one of the best...
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    Chris Sale 2020 - TJ Bound and Down

    Agreed...after the last few of the only laughs...
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    “Dear Brock”: Those that were touched by Holt’s generosity at the Jimmy fund send their thanks in a heartwarming video

    I have been a lurker for a long time on this board....all the way back to 2003...I never really had reason to write (or thought I would contribute much) until today. As a parent of a child with her own medical challenges, sometimes you feel so alone and helpless. I knew Brock was involved with...