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Restoring a Vista based Dell

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#1 KiltedFool

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Posted 17 January 2013 - 11:36 AM

I used to be computer literate when I'd crack the case on a PC, I used to build gaming computers with my best buddy and every so often build a grandma machine for one of our parents cheaply from the leftovers after upgrade paths.

Then I got old and had kids and different hobbies and am not even a gamer anymore, so the wife's comp is a Dell several years old. 99% certain it's well out of warranty.

About a week ago the machine popped up a warning that the HD was failing and to back it up. So we hooked up an external we had through the USB and backed up 286GB using the OS based backup utility (basically clicked the dialog box), I believe the whole contents of the drive.

Ordered two new 1Tb internal drives from newegg (Western Digital WD RE4 WD1003FBYX 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Enterprise Hard Drive -Bare Drive)

Dug out the disks from when we bought the machine, I have a sealed disk with a hologram microsoft label that says Microsoft Works 9, I think that's the bloatware that comes with the computer. My other disk is a Dell branded drivers and utilities dvd marked for reinstalling dell inspiron desktop computer software.

I haven't done this sort of restore in quite this fashion before. The goal is to restore her computer to just as it was, except with a second internal drive installed and automatically backed up through Vista.

The existing HD wasn't totally dead but was dying, I may be able to install a new drive internal as a slave, backup to it, then pull the original and make the new one the boot.

Failing that, what's the process for bringing this machine back to life and then restoring the backup from the USB external? Is this drivers and utilities a bootable disk? Do I have to install new drive and use the disk to format it to factory condition then hook up the external and use restore from backup to overwrite the original?

I have no basic Vista install disks, I've never built a comp with vista, I own WinXP and Win7 install disks, though would have to dig for one or both and the win7 is what I've got on the PC I'm typing this on.

A little help? I used to be a credible PC guy, but I've lost that brain I guess.

#2 Bergs

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Posted 17 January 2013 - 03:29 PM

Given that Vista is a complete piece of shit, I would rebuild using the new internal hard drive, putting WIN7 on it. Jumping through hoops to restore an obsolute super-shitty OS seems a pretty big time investment for a fairly undesirable end result.

#3 KiltedFool

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Posted 18 January 2013 - 11:11 AM

The targeted end result is to put her computer back the way it was before things went south, in settings, software, files, the works.

I used to regularly rebuild my computers on a fresh drive, reinstall the software I wanted and then slave the old drive to the new and copy files as needed. I just want to effectively load a restore point on a new HD in this case.