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CLOSED: 90-Day Fitness Program, Congrats JenInMA

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#1 Tokyo Sox

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 12:05 AM

Seems like these types of items are raising some good coin for the cause, so here is my contribution.

I will sponsor the winning bidder for the Peak Condition Project, a 90-day diet & exercise program that emphasizes reducing fat and adding lean muscle. I did this program myself at the end of 2010, and lost 20 lbs (about 175 --> 155) in the 90 days, while adding muscle at the same time. I went from just below 20% body fat to just below 10%, and got pretty ripped.

Like Marciano's item, I am not here to argue for or against carbs or anything else, or to tell you that this is the only way to get fit or whatever. I'm here to fight AIDS, and this is a program that worked for me and dozens of my friends, and that I personally believe in strongly. It has worked for men and women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Really overweight and sick of it? That guy is down 40+ lbs. Plobby but want to get ripped? Those guys are both on Day 86.

A few points of note:
- The guy that runs the program only agreed to let me put this item up for auction if the winner was going to take it seriously. It is hard. You should think of it less as a casual getting in shape, and more like a serious life change. Please only bid if you are really serious about kicking ass.
- The program is well designed in that you don't need a gym membership to do it, but you will need to purchase some additional equipment: a jump rope, resistance bands, push up handles, and possibly a pull-up bar. The cost of these things is NOT covered in this auction item.
- Before bidding, please read the linked "about" page at the top of this post, and browse some of the current participants' blogs to give yourself a good idea of what you'd be getting into.

Retail value: $595.00
Minimum bid: $100.00

FINAL IMPORTANT NOTE: The program is run a handful of times a year, because it is done in groups to increase peer pressure and support structure. You cannot just start whenever you want. The winner of this auction item will do PCP for the 90 days starting 01-Aug *or* 15-Sep, your choice. Because of that, bidding will open immediately, and close at 8pm EST on Monday, 30-July. That will give you a day or so to prepare if you want to do the August start.

Any specific questions, please let me know!

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#2 JenInMA

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 03:50 PM


#3 WoburnDiaspora

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 04:35 PM


#4 Koufax

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 05:37 PM


#5 WoburnDiaspora

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Posted 26 July 2012 - 07:22 AM


#6 Fratboy

  • Mr. MENsa

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Posted 26 July 2012 - 08:40 PM

I've seen the pics on this site, and this is ridiculously real. There are people on PCP who can out-Situation The Situation. Tokyo Sox isn't messing around here. This will put you through the meat grinder, but it will be worth it.

#7 JenInMA

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Posted 26 July 2012 - 10:35 PM

I don't need a Situation. More like an Instigation (lame, I know).

Anyway, $200.

#8 Tokyo Sox

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Posted 30 July 2012 - 05:25 AM

Bump! A little over 12 hours left in this one...'twould be a steal at this price!

#9 Tokyo Sox

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Posted 30 July 2012 - 10:49 PM

This is CLOSED - Congrats, thank you, and good luck to JenInMA.

I trust Jose can confirm your payment, and then you can PM me to figure out whether you'll start August 1st or September 15th, and get all set up for that.

#10 JenInMA

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Posted 31 July 2012 - 09:34 AM

I sent my payment a little bit ago. Thank you so much, Tokyo Sox for this terrific and generous opportunity! I promise to do it justice.

#11 jose melendez

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Posted 01 August 2012 - 10:52 AM