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Ben's credit for patience

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#1 rglenmt

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Posted 29 December 2011 - 11:08 AM

Andrew Bailey deal yesterday demonstrates Ben patiently acquired an experienced 2 time All Star Closer, an experienced bullpen specialist Mark Menancon, a C, Kelly Shoppach, a good defensive Of Ryan Sweeney who may remind some of Brett Gardner, an experienced infielder Nick Punto and to date only traded ready ML players Josh Reddick and Jed Lowrie. Ben has more experience with the Red Sox than Theo and some new GM's would have panicked after the September collapse. During the 03-04 Offseason, I remember Theo saying on a chat that he does not read most media and fan comments, as sometimes the wish lists get so far from reality.

e.g. Kelly Shoppach is a C the Red Sox knew, having developed him in the organization, someone who along with Justin Masterson brought significant value, Victor Martinez, even Indians' Manager Eric Wedge played Victor a lot at 1B so Kelly could catch and then Joe Maddon used Kelly effectively again this past season.

At the moment, if Ben only has steady RF in Spring Training depending on Ryan Kalish's health, Ryan Sweeney demonstrating more power and the team getting a look at Juan Carlos Linares, to compete for the RF position and other righthanded hitters, Darnell McDonald in the organization, Ben has done a good job, not at times at the pace the media or fans would like, but Ben is focused on bringiing the best team he can to Spring Training, not meeting our time suspenses.

I think if Ben continues to subscribe to the policy of not having the media and fans set his agenda, the Red Sox will be in good hands.

#2 BigGovy

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Posted 29 December 2011 - 04:11 PM

I can only agree with your assessment of Ben so far. Seems unlike his predecessor ( used to be a big Theo supporter but no longer) he is waiting for value to come to him rather than go nuclear and start bidding wars for the names on the market. I think an edwin Jackson will fall to him at a nice price as well. One other thing to mention on Sweeney addition ( I have no idea what kind of contribution he will make or who will be in right field) is Sweeney is a fairly high OPS guy as well. I was getting bitter just before Xmas with the strangle hold contracts of last season but things are looking more promising now. I am also a Wagner Alum so I have a bias for Mr. Bailey!

#3 TOleary25

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Posted 29 December 2011 - 04:26 PM

One other thing to mention on Sweeney addition ( I have no idea what kind of contribution he will make or who will be in right field) is Sweeney is a fairly high OPS guy as well.

A career .720 OPS is considered an "OPS guy"? I'm sure he can grow in that category since he is entering his prime years but for what he has done so far in his career, he has been pretty average. His OBP numbers are a positive but his SLG leave alot to be desired.

#4 Tyrone Biggums

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Posted 29 December 2011 - 10:53 PM

Sweeney will be a good defensive 4th outfielder but lets face it, he isn't the answer. Look at the pen if Aceves stays in there this is the pen.

MR Albers Atchinson Jenks
Loogy: Morales
7th inning: Aceves
8th inning: Melancon
9th inning: Bailey

Right there I would rate that on paper as the best pen in the division at the very least. You have to hand it to Ben here, Bard is moving to the rotation if he converts well then I think they have absolutely upgraded the staff. I don't know if Ben goes the route of grabbing Oswalt or not but a guy like Harden is still out there and could probably be had for cheap. I'm not the biggest Bailey fan in the world but for the package that was given up its tough to say that the trade wasn't worth it. Both Bailey and Melancon are cost controlled relievers which is huge for the sake of continuity. I think at the very least this is the most interesting off season since 2003.

#5 rglenmt

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Posted 02 January 2012 - 08:52 AM

Think your assessment of the bullpen is a good one. Of course, Ryan Sweeney, who has a rep as a good defensive outfielder can contribute to the success of the pen. Don't think anyone is suggesting that Sweeney is the answer to the Red Sox need for an outfielder, but Ryan seems to be a good swap for Josh Reddick, and with what we learned of the delayed availability of Ryan Kalish, Sweeney will be good to have going into the Season. Most think the Sox need a RH powerhitting outfielder who can play RF well, and the FO is still looking at whether 1 or more such outfielders are in the organization or need to be acquired. So far, it is not disappointing that Ben has not traded for or signed 1 of those outfielders, particularly the FAs who don't seem to be longer term answer. At least Ben has rebuilt the bullpen so that it is competitive and could be the best in the AL East?

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#6 keyalyn

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Posted 02 January 2012 - 02:45 PM

The bullpen should be fine, although it is basically the same as last season with Bailey and Melancon replacing Papelbon and Bard. Unless you think that tradeoff is an upgrade in terms of production (or you have a lot of confidence in a major rebound from Jenks), the pen will be pretty much the same as last season, and in all likelihood a slight downgrade.