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4G Android phone megathread

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#2501 04101Seadog

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Posted Yesterday, 10:37 AM

I just went through the same process picking between the M8, the G3, or waiting a couple of weeks for the 2014 Moto X. I'm coming off using a blackberry for the last 5 years, but am finally getting an Android and here was what I came up with:



pros: Screen, battery promotion, camera, 3GB ram, SD card, Removable Battery, cost ($49 on Amazon/2 year)

cons: Battery Life, Overheating, LG's Skin on Android, LG updating with Android L, buttons on the back -didn't like



Pros: Battery Life, Metal construction, Sense interface, HTC supporting next 2 Android updates, Fast - no lag I've seen, cost ($49 on Amazon/2 year)

Cons: Camera is awful, no removable battery, size is tall - screen is small compared to G3



Pros: Design and construction, hands free tech, larger screen, pure Android interface, 

Cons: Camera is good not great, battery is suspect, not released yet on Verizon so no real hands on. Cost ($200 ballpark when customized /2 year)


When all was said and done i picked up the M8, as the camera is good enough for me, and the other factors that I was looking for it was either at the top, or #2 on my list. It just got here today, so I'll be curious to see if I made the right choice.

#2502 Boggs26

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Posted Yesterday, 11:02 AM

Boggs26, your wife's coming from an LG G2, that's a pretty big phone as it is, and new stuff is even bigger, so if she's got smaller hands, it might be worth it to play with some devices beforehand.

Thanks, that was our fear. After going in and playing around with the phones, I stuck with my initial plan of upgrading to the G3 (I'll write up a review one I've played with it for a few days) and she decided to go with the slightly smaller S5. So far we are both happy worth or choices.

#2503 crystalline

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Posted Yesterday, 02:53 PM

Tried switching Google Voice to use in Hangouts, but hit a problem: I use Voice to send texts from a web browser and this is buggy with Hangouts.  It's a known problem that you can't send SMS to some people in your contact list, potentially depending on how their phone number was entered.


I switched back to Google Voice and away from Hangouts.


Still not sure how group texts work, but it seems now you can send images via GV/MMS.  I just tested it and it sends the recipient a link.  Not a perfect solution, but seems better than what it used to be.


I thought this only now works for Sprint and T-Mobile who have negotiated MMS agreements with Google.  Did that come from Verizon or AT&T?

#2504 Fratboy

  • Mr. MENsa

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Posted Yesterday, 05:30 PM

It works for Verizon, Crystalline.

#2505 crystalline

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Posted Today, 06:27 AM


#2506 Joe Sixpack

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Posted Today, 11:32 AM

From my own tests I was able to exchange MMS successfully with Sprint users, but it did not work with Verizon. But that was about 2 days after they rolled this out, so maybe they've fixed it since then.

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