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Indoor/Outdoor Speaker System

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#1 Zososoxfan

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Posted 27 July 2011 - 09:02 AM

I'm about to move into a new house and I'm looking to figure out the best way to setup my audio for both indoor and outdoor use. I'd like to have a system setup where I can control whether my living room speakers, my outdoor speakers, or both, are being used. I currently have a a surround sound system in my living room, with 5 speakers and a sub, and the receiver has inputs for TV, DVD, Game/Aux (which has a 1/8 audio jack connection plugged in), and radio.

I've looked into Audio Unlimited wireless speaker products (2 and 4 speaker setups) and am trying to determine if that's the best way to go in terms of quality and price. I bought my old man a Rocketfish wireless speaker for Father's day last year, and the quality and volume are good, but the lack of a remote for audio sources is a pain. I've read reviews on Audio Unlimited and the common issues I've seen discussed are the fact that even with multiple speakers it's not stereo sound and also that interference can be a problem. Third, if you're running off of batteries, it can be a significant cost. Can anyone speak to this?

A couple of other potentially important details - my audio source is almost always a laptop or iphone and lastly, I'm considering mounting the outside speakers.

So, should I go wireless and if not, what's a good setup?

Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

#2 BillMuellerFanClub

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Posted 27 July 2011 - 09:19 AM

what is your price range? Sonos is by far the best solution for audio around the household. it is fairly pricey, though you'll only have to do it once, can add more zones on top of it, and all it needs is a network. I have 5 zones in my house: living room, pool area, porch, mancave, and bedroom. there is also a sonos controller app on the iphone that will allow you to play and control each zone individually through WIFI.

there are several different options for it as well. the ZP90 will connect to any existing amplifier and create a zone (your living room). the ZP120 is an amplified version of the 90, which will allow for up to 4 speakers (outdoors) to be connected to your music library and controllable by your iphone. this is one of the best solutions around, you will not be disappointed.

linky goodness.

#3 Frisbetarian

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Posted 27 July 2011 - 09:23 AM

Another vote here for Sonos. Tremendous system, links with Pandora, Spotify, etc. You can play from music a docked Ipod, a computer, your Iphone or Ipad... We installed it with our existing system (B&O Beolink) about 6 weeks ago, and love it.

#4 TheRooster

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Posted 29 July 2011 - 02:24 PM

If you are interested in going wired and saving some money, check out this site:


In addition to selling stuff, they have some good tutorials. I set up an indoor/outdoor near my pool and everyone is amazed at the quality and what I paid.

Many receivers take two separate sets of speakers and if you add an RF remote control, you can take that outside with you.

#5 Zososoxfan

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Posted 19 February 2012 - 02:50 PM

Thought I'd post this here, since a couple of you mentioned SONOS, which is what I ended up going with.

I've had a SONOS system humming along since August and it's great. I finally tried to link my library to the system, but have been unable to do so (my Rhapsody account has been more than enough to keep me happy so far). I keep my music library on a 2nd laptop that is older (4 years now) and has had its fair share of problems. However, iTunes is still able to play randomly selected songs without trouble. When I try to locate the files on the hard drive though, they are nowhere to be found. I looked up the locations of the files through iTunes, but the problem has been with the computer, which no longer shows the "user" folder, which iTunes indicates is where the music files are located.

I also backed up my entire library on an external hard drive and tried to get SONOS to just read that, but that has also been unsuccessful. Please help an audiophile with limited tech-savvy. Many thanks.