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The Fletch Man Speaketh

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Posted 05 August 2009 - 02:58 PM

From fletcherpost... a gerat post made on our feedback forum

To follow on from this and to take a few tangents I have some thoughts...not so much as a response to the above post but...

For years...this is the ony message board forum i read. Cos here i can read about Baseball; The Red Sox and movies and music and all manner of things. We have the best writers in terms of a ratio of good writers to bad writers on the internet...in my experience. lately for one reason or another...I've been reading other message boards and none of them hold a candle to SOSH.

I have noticed on other message boards it's okay to say stuff that is kind of using ' the gay' as a 'soft insult' by that I mean it's okay to use gay euphemisms and apply it to people; players; posters and the thoughts of the aforesaid. I don't agree with this. SoSH is better than that. I've noticed on other boards the over-use of standard internet shorthand. 'This' 'That is all' 'Fixed it for you' 'Quoted for truth' - etc etc. When i read that sort of stuff on SOSH i used to get a bit pissed off cos i thought to myself...can't you find your own way of expressing yourself, can't you find your own voice...can't you try and be unique, as we are all unique.

And then i read these other forums and i see it there too...and i realize that i was naive...that there really is this internet speak that most people adopt for whatever reason...to fit in or because they can't find their own individual voice and way of expressing their thoughts in their own way and so adopt 'net speak.' There is less 'net speak' on SOSH than anywhere else...and we're the better for it. The best posters on SOSH have their own voices...the rest meld into a single voice of nothingness, a tribe of emptiness...a dull boring lot of group speak that suggests group think...which if course is an illusion since regardless of how a person writes...we are all individuals. I'd like to see people avoid the cliches and write in their own voices. Some of the best writers on SOSH have opinions i don't agree with. I hope people think the same about me...that they might not agree with my view but at least i express it well enough for my view to be clear...or that i create a strong enough impression...in my own voice.

No one...and I mean no one needs to write 'This' 'That' 'Quoted for Truth' 'That is all' and the countless other forms of 'net speak'. We have to be better than that. Anyone who reads the writings of the better posters on SOSH - (and anyone who has been here for a decent amount of time knows who they are) will see that these people have their own voice...their own style, their own unique take on life and way of expressing themselves. They seldom revert to the Lols; and the ZOMG and the countless other dumb meaningless phrases you see all over the internet. I've been reading other forums and it seems like everything is written by one person...and everyone seems to be as mean as each other. We're letting in a fair few people...and even reading some of the melded game threads I notice this same standard internet writing and accepted internet meaness...I guess it is the internet tough guy stance i used to hear about but never really saw too much evidence of.

I hope that as SOSH expands and grows...and it deserves to grow and expand...the quality does not drop and we don't become like other message boards and forums and that new member realize we're different here. Oh and you know what i noticed in these other forums...no women. Not one. Just men. And boys. American men and boys. And the writing was bad and the tone was bad and the vibes were bad.

When i wrote my begging letter to get into SOSH...i tried to make out i was a good writer and that i might bring a different non US perpective. My opinions you can take or leave...but i try my very hardest to express them to the best of my ability. And i have always maintained I don't know shit about baseball compared to most people here...but i try to write well...in my own voice. That's the most and the least i can do. I don't use net speak; I don't use trainspotting speak; I don't steal other people's thoughts or ape other people's styles...and when i use funny Scottish words or phrases they are usually phrases that about a dozen people in Scotland use...phrases we made up ourselves and that evolved over time...I don't try to be something I'm not. My internet persona is an extention of me...anything else would be a lie.

SOSH is full of people who in their way do the same...they bring something unique to the table. I would hate for SOSH to dilute itself and become like all these other message board forums...where its cool to be cold and mean and slightly homophobic and yes...slightly racist too...where it's cool to over quote from this movie or that movie, where it's cool to mimic a generic tone. As we expand...let's not dilute. As new members join up...maybe they can let go of some of what they have gotten from other message boards. If that makes sense. I guess what I'm saying does not relate to how SOSH can be better...but how it will not get any worse.